Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 80th Birthday

 I had a fun challenge given to me a couple of weeks ago. A dear lady said she had been wanting to order cookies from me to support my Ukraine mission effort for TWO years and she finally had a very good reason. Her mother was turning 80 years old and she wanted to surprise her with a box of cookies that represented things in her life.....and a box for each of the 11 other dinner guests! How fun. :)

She chose a house cookie representing that her mom was a homemaker. Then she wanted a cross representing her faith. Next, a lighthouse because she was from Maine. Because of her love for birds, we added a hummingbird. And finally, a heart was included representing the love. 

I had a lot of fun putting together this collection. I needed five cookies per box and twelve there were sixty cookies in all. I sailed through the decorating with no problem.

Then came the packaging. I had planned to use one of my all clear boxes to put all the cookies in on top of crinkle shred. I've done these a couple of other times.

For the Ukrainian women, I did some small boxes like this:

And then at Valentines Day, I did boxes like this:

Well as you can see.....the cookies in those boxes were fairly study and stable or small. 

When I tried to stuff the first box with the lighthouse cookie, it broke. (Thankfully I'd made extras!) I suddenly realized that the bend-ability of these all clear boxes was not good for fragile cookies. :(

Suddenly I was in a frenzy to figure out how I was going to package the twelve sets without using anything I had planned. Oh my......I was a mess!

After praying about it and asking for God's help.......I remembered that I had some 10x7x2" boxes left from last year. Guess what? I had 13 left!!!!!! So I scrapped my old plan and worked to figure out how to make these boxes as stable as possible for the fragile cookies. I decided on lots of tissue paper underneath (2" deep boxes takes LOTS of tissue paper), but I didn't have that much tissue paper in one color to fill TWELVE boxes!

Oh......but then I remembered that I have lots and lots and lots of yellow tissue paper from Karen's Cookies. For those of you that order from her, you know that she wraps every item in a sheet of yellow tissue paper. The fact that I had so much yellow tissue paper in my house tells you how much I order from her! :o)

So........I set out to make it all work. It certainly wasn't what I had envisioned...........but it gave me a nice final product.......and the client was very very happy with them. And best of all.......after lots of prayers (and lots and lots and lots of bubble wrap and air bags!!!!), everything arrived in perfect condition.

After what seemed like a potential disaster.................everything turned out well.
I was so grateful for the answers to my prayers. :)


Sue said...

Whew! I completely understand the anxiety that can come from packing up cookies:) I'm so glad that all worked out well...what a blessing! :) You are one busy cookie creator!

Mariah said...

AMEN! It is so great to see you give credit to the Lord for your remembering! :) I love how He does that! Most of the time I ask Him where I put my keys! LOL

cookiecrazielady said...

Remembering the panic I was in.....there is no way I can credit any of this to myself. He gets all the glory! :)

lizy B said...

Beautiful!! Amazing how things work out perfectly like that ;). Still nervous to ship anything myself, haven't tried it yet.

TracyLH said...

These are just wonderful and I am so glad that it all worked out so perfectly! Such adorable sets with each cookie having such a lovely sentiment. I am sure that they were a lovely addition to her birthday celebration!

Tara said...

So, did you mail them like that? Don't they shift around? Love them, by the way. What a fun project.

The Captain's Daughter said...

Your cookies are (as always) perfection! I'd bet my last dollar they were the talk of the party!

You do good work... and I'm not talking cookies now!

Donbpaint49 said...

Good to know that someone else believes that God is concerned about the smallest details of our lives. Wonder if Karen realizes that her yellow tissue paper had a "divine appointment"???? :o)
Blessings, Donna B.

Kscraftygal said...

I think these look wonderful against the yellow tissue paper! Great job! :-)

Kathy said...

Hi Pam and all CC readers...I am the lucky recipient of these lovely cookies. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to work with Pam and how much care she took with the shipping. A gigantic box arrived at my house right on schedule. Inside was lots and lots of bubble wrap surrounding her works of art. Each box of cookies was wrapped securely and then there was additional bubble wrap and other packing material beween each layer. Every single cookie (including those extras which were individually wrapped in bubble wrap) traveled from Missouri to Long Island without breaking. They were a huge hit at the family party. My mother had asked everyone not to bring gifts, so they were all shocked that they each received such a lovely gift just for spending time with us. I am so excited that you (Pam) highlighted this on your blog and can't wait to show my mother this evening. God's blessings on you all, Kathy :)

cookiecrazielady said...

Tara, I secured each cookie onto the tissue paper with sturdy tape. They jiggled a little.....but stayed in place pretty well.

cookiecrazielady said...

Absolutely Donna! And yes, I told Karen it about it that day. :)

cookiecrazielady said...

Kathy.....what a sweet note. Thank you so much for commenting here.

It is a true answer to pray that everything arrived so safely. I was praying the whole time I was wrapping each box and cookie. At first I was petrified that they would arrive as boxes of crumbs.....but then I had a peace. And God was good to deliver them to you safely!!!!

I'm so glad your mom enjoyed them and that everyone at the party was shocked and thrilled. :) You've been such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for making this be so fun. Blessings to you!!!!!

Suzy said...

Pam, Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas. God has truely blessed you with your talents, heart of compasssion and love for sharing. Have a Happy Easter! Suzy

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