Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter......One Week Away....oh my!

I'm sharing more Easter cookies today.....and from the looks of this next week, I'll have even more to share in the coming days.

It is going to be a CRAZIE week. Between several cookies orders, an Easter musical we're in, complete with two performances and three rehearsals, and working on Saturday...................I foresee a nap for my Easter Sunday afternoon. lol

I'll do my best to keep up here, but if I'm missing here and there, you'll know why.

"Gingham" bunnies.......

Bunny behinds.......

and stitched eggs.

Don't forget my April Blog Give-Away. The deadline is tonight at midnight (CST) to win a box of my Easter minis. I've not had many I'm starting to get a complex. lol I'm hoping it is because everyone is so busy.....and not because people don't care to try my cookies. ;)

Happy Palm Sunday!


Dolci e Cioccolato said...

sono davvero bellissimi....rimango affascinata ogni volta che vedo i tuoi biscotti....semplicemente deliziosi!!!!!! simpatici, belli, allegri...non so davvero più cosa dire!!!!
a presto,

lizy B said...

Love the little bunny favorites!

Lexy said...

I hope this is where I try to be the winner of your fab cookies. I wonder if everyone is busy making cookies?
You are one talented baker and I find it absolutely a blessing that you so willingly share this information with us. Here is my email, in case you want to get in touch :-)
My fingers are crossed but I can still open a box of cookies.

Angela said...

your cookies are amazing ~ thanks for sharing!!

Christa Kelso said...

i love the bunnies! SO cute!

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