Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Onesie Parade Comes To A Close.....More Pink

Last few pics of the huge baby onesie order I had last week.
It was such a fun project. I tried to make all of them unique.

OK....enough onesies for now. ;)

Stay tuned this week for my April blog give-away announcement!


Mandy schneider said...

I love the colors!!! ....great job!!! TFS!!!

SugarButterBaby said...

these are tu-tu cute ;)
I actually design real life baby onesies and these are a fantastic representation! You are so creative and talented! I've only started to dabble with cookie design and your designs really inspire me :)
Thanks for posting!

Shar said...

I just found your site, and I am so amazed at your talent! I love to bake cookies & have collected cookie cutters for years, but I've been frustrated with the various cookie recipes I've tried. After looking at your gorgeous cookies, I feel inspired to try again! Thank you for being so generous with your ideas, pictures and recipes.
PS Do you add both vanilla & almond flavoring to your sugar cookie recipe?

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Shar. So glad you feel inspired to try again. :) My pleasure to share.

I only add vanilla to my cookie recipe. I add clear vanilla and almond to my icing recipe.

lizy B said...

Oh my...the tutu!!! that's the best!! Beautiful!

paddle attachment said...

That was quite a parade! Love, LOVE, the tutus!

Dolci e Cioccolato said...

mamma mia quanto sei brava....i tuoi non sono biscotti, ma vere opere d'arte...
i complimenti sono te li devo fare ugualmente!!!!!!!
a presto,

Pauline Richter said...

Pam, these are all so adorable!!! I just love peeking into my e-mail inbox each day to see what pretty things you brought to share with us!!

Paty_rolon said...

so cute !!!!!

Sofía said...

Maravillosas, no se por que galletas me decantaré, son todas preciosas. Saludos

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