Monday, March 21, 2011

Making Golf Tees (Tutorial)

Expect to see golf related cookies this week......just warning ya. ;)

I wanted to do golf tees.....a nice simple cookie. I've seen a few other cookie decorators do them, but I had not seen a cutter. Since I had a specific shape and look in mind, it seemed like a time to pull one of Sweet Sugar Belle's tricks and reshape a dog bone cutter. I have several on hand "just in case".

I reshaped a dog bone cutter into a golf tee cutter. Yes, I realize it doesn't look like one from the cutter, but it will when I get done with it. :)

I outlined in black.....and then filled with color.

Once the tee is filled with color, add the black "circle" to the top while it is still wet.

And then add more lines to finish it with a black food color marker.

I'll catch you at "tee time" tomorrow. ;)


Barb Kelly said...

Very, very cute (as usual)! How did you make the dimples in the golf balls?

Lfwilson18 said...

How clever!!! You really stepped out of the box, girl!

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Barb. :)

Let the icing dry a little.....and then poke holes in it. :)

Barb Kelly said...


Jeanette's Bake Shop said...

you are so creative!!!!!

Paty_rolon said...

you are very created I like it!

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

These are great as always Pam. When you did the outline in black, did you let them sit for a long time or right away start filling with the other color? I noticed you said to do the black top while it was still wet, but wondered if you did that with the outline too. Any problems with bleeding? These are really cool. Thanks for sharing and teaching!

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Pinkie.

Outline in black and let dry some.....then flood with color.

No problems with bleeding.

My pleasure. :)

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