Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a few more RWB....

A few more patriotic cookies. I wasn't feeling especially creative not much new here. My son says the middle of my exploding firecracker looks like Chinese. Maybe I can figure out how to make it look better.

Friday will be my last attempt. I'm trying to get as many cookies made to bring in as much money for the Ukraine ministries when we go next week. =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Seeing Red, White & Blue :)

I had a fun day of decorating......other than a small order for birthday balloons....I was able to play with a bunch of patriotic cookies. I love it when I can just create without worrying about making something particular for someone. :))))

Preschool birthday balloons.....notice the colors are amazingly similar to the mini-onesies I did this week. ;)

Now.....bring on the the Red, White, & Blue!

I got a little crazy with the stripes!

My favorites this time. :)

Hopefully I can fit in more patriotic cookies this next week. After the holiday......I'll be preparing for our July 9th departure to Ukraine.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Baby.....Need a Onesie?!

A cookie order a little different and lots of fun.....Julie at His GEM is going to the International Christian Retailers Show this weekend. His GEM sells baby and children's items with Bible verses on them (so cute....check it out!), so Julie wanted mini onesie cookies to offer to those who come to her booth. Believe it or not.........I made 300 of these cookies this week......had a blast with all the pretty pastel colors. :)

I'm so excited.....tomorrow I'm finally going to decorate some patriotic cookies. I've got my red, white, and blue icing all ready to go. =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

I've been making more Fathers Day cookies. I had a few orders this week.....but I thought I'd have lots more. For some reason, I thought that the cookie boxes would sell well, but I was wrong. Everyone loved to see them, but most were not interested in buying them.

Maybe I'm charging too much, but it is a LOT of work to put them together beyond making/decorating the cookies, so I won't charge less than $18 for these larger boxes. It's a lesson learned.....just as I learned about bouquets last year.....I should not make them up ahead of time hoping to sell them. I only sell bouquets when they are requested......not when I've made them up ahead. Some things you just have to learn from trial and error, you know? (Do you know anyone that wants FOUR boxed sets of Fathers Day cookies?????)

I pretty much made all the same cookies I did last week, except for a few excuse the repeats.

A friend wanted a cookie that said "I love Addy" since her little girl can't pronounce that first "D" yet. :)

My favorite set of all for this 2010 Fathers Day (I know I've already posted last week's version.....but I couldn't resist)......

One order was for a teacup set with "Sister" on the tag cookie. Believe it or not, there were pink decorating bags along side my "manly" colors this week. lol

Boxed sets from this week.....

I leave for the Ukraine TWO weeks from Friday. Oh my! There is so much to do to prepare for the trip.....and SO MANY cookies to make between now and then. I'll do orders for the next two weeks, and then the days right before I leave will be filled with making cookies for our team members and the Ukrainians we will see while there. Can't wait!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fathers Day Boxes they are. :) I didn't get as fancy with ribbon on these compared to the Mother's Day boxes, but first of all, guys don't care about ribbon anyway.....and secondly, I didn't want to cover up any of the cookies. ;)

This week I'll be doing more of the same. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduates & Dads :)

Good news.....Neil got his nasal stints out today with very little pain and his nose looks terrific. He is so relieved to have the surgery and stint removal behind him. He'll go back in two months to set up his second surgery, but that is far away from now (at least for the moment ;)), so we'll keep taking one day at a time. Again, I appreciate you prayers and kindness. I thought you might like to see a new pic of Neil compared to right after the accident.

I just finished a graduation cookie order. Since I'm shipping these across the country.....I wanted to make grad caps that were less fragile than the typical ones with the tassel sticking out as an extra piece of cookie. Here's what I came up with....

And here's the personalized assortment.....including a clever idea from the graduate's mom to incorporate her son's love of fishing in some cookies. :)

A close up....

And then I worked on some more Father's Day assortments for boxed sets. Here's the baseball set.

And here's my favorite......the BBQ set. I had a BLAST doing these. :)))))))

I'll box these up tomorrow and share pics soon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation to Father's Day

Some have asked about Neil, so I thought I should give you an update. Neil had his "closed" nasal surgery last Thursday. He came through it just fine. It has been a painful recovery and he's got a few small issues with it, but on Friday of this week, he will get out his stents and all should be much better after that. He can hardly wait to get those stents out.....although several have told him that will be the most painful part. Yikes!

His various injuries seem to be healing nicely and things are getting close to that "back to normal" stage. He should be allowed to work at the end of next hopefully he can find a job for the summer, even though that could be a huge challenge this late in the game.

Neil will have to have an "open" nasal surgery in three months to open up the nasal passages and straighten out everything inside. It would be the same surgery they would do with a deviated septum. He's not looking forward to that....but hopefully it will bring all the physical repercussions from the accident to an end. We are so thankful that his injuries were so treatable.

Now on to cookies. :)

I did some graduation cookies for my supervisor at work (hospital laboratory). She wanted to give something to each tech that completed the training for a new instrument, the AUWi. I really like these new cutters in single color silhouette form.

Here's how I wrapped them......made a custom tag for the occasion. :)

Today I started some Father's Day cookies. Here's my first set. I hope to make a bunch of boxed sets from today's and tomorrow's decorating sessions.

Expect to see some more Father's Day cookies soon. =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pink & Brown

Here's some cookies I made for a wedding shower. Obviously pink and brown are the colors. lol

Hopefully next week I'll be able to do some "experiment cookies" for Father's Day and Fourth of July. :)
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