Friday, April 30, 2010

First Decorating Class

A friend suggested I teach a decorating class at church to help raise money for Ukraine (as my cookies sales do). So last night, I did my first class. It was such fun.....and the women seemed to really enjoy themselves. They asked if I'd do it again.....we shall see.

It was a LOT of work. I had to prepare LOTS of decorating bags so that there wouldn't be such a long wait to decorate. I told the class that I did all the hard work so that they could do the best part of cookie decorating. :) The clean up after wards was dreadful. I had been on my feet for several hours, had done lots and lots of prep work for the event in my kitchen half the day, and then came home to clean way too many tips and couplers. I was crawling to bed last night.

I thought you might like to see a few pics from the class.

Here's a pic of me as I talked with the class and demonstrated a few things.

Decorating ladybugs.....

My daughter, Allison, helping the decorators. She was a HUGE help. :)

More pics of my demonstration.

I've got some new cookie pics to share, but it is late and I've got to get up at 4 AM for work in the morning. I'll try to post the pics tomorrow afternoon when I get home. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cookie Boxes: New Packaging :)

Here's my new and exciting packaging. I decided sets of cookies in a box would be ideal for Mothers Day. I already have orders for seven boxes! Yippee.

I still have to work on packing the cookies in there snuggly without using too much of the crinkle paper I'm going to try using tissue paper as a bottom layer. I have 2" deep boxes....and that is probably too deep. But now I have FIFTY it will be a while before I can order more shallow ones. lol

This box idea is limitless.....there are so many sets you can put together for lots of different occasions. I can't wait to try it out in each season. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cookiers: Our Very Own Cookie Forum!!!

Attention all Cookiers:

It's here! Our very own brand, spankin' new COOKIES ONLY forum!!
Mike and Karen (of Karen's Cookies) have graciously provided us with an awesome forum so that we can learn, grow, and inspire one another as cookiers. You are all invited to come join the new CookiersRUs forum.....

Hope to see you there. :)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lovin' On Mom

It's taken me several days.....but I finally got a set of Mother's Day cookies finished. Phewwww..... "What's up with all the interruptions?! I NEED to decorate cookies, people.....can't you see how important this is?" Just kidding. Family comes first......well.....most of the time. :)

I decided to try making several groupings of cookies to give away as a sets for Mother's Day. There's so many different themes that can be used for Mother's Day. I'll show you in a day or two how I packaged these. I had a blast! monthly order of cuppies for the preschool department at church. I wanted to change it up some and do them a bit different.

Birdhouses.....these were supposed to go in a grouping.....but I ended up being DONE before the rest of the group got decorated. Maybe some of you cookiers know what I'm talking about. The decorating session was fun.....but then suddenly......boom.....I'm done. No more cookies. That's when I take the remaining cookies and blob icing on top of them and offer them to my family. lol They love it!

Small pink set.....

Tea time in the garden.....See those lovely tea cups with the swirly blobs and that pitiful Happy Mothers Day cookie.....that's right before the "Boom.....I'm done!" happened. lol

The gardening set.....

More pink with lots of black.....

Red and black.....

And probably my fave.....although I love the one just above this one too.

Stay tuned for packaging. I took the plunge and ordered some special boxes. Yikes.....FIFTY boxes are sitting here in front of me. :O/

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liza's Blue Birthday Bugs :)

A good friend's little girl, Liza, turned three this week. Her mom told me that she loves blue and I attempted to make both......bugs with lots of blue in them. :)

Bees vs Ladies......

First set of fancy dragonflies......

And the second set. (I'm loving that sky blue with the yellow. :))


Here's some very BUGGY pictures....

That's it for this week. Who knows what next week will bring. =)

Musical Cookies

Here's something a little different for me. A friend gave me the cutest set of mini-musical cookie cutters and I decided to try them out by making cookies for our church choir. We had some time off after Easter and were coming back last night to start new music at I took them cookies to enjoy. :)

I searched online for this set of Fox Run mini-cookie cutters (they come in a round tin), but I could not find them. My friend bought them down in a little shop on Main Street, St. Charles. I guess they are not available online. :(

GOOD NEWS....I found the cutters here!

Here's the mini musical cookies.....

And then the whole set I did for choir which includes larger notes and treble clefs.

Today I'm finishing a cookie order for Blue Birthday Bugs for Liza's birthday. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


What a perfect day to be posting SPRING cookies on my blog. :) It is about 65 degrees, sunny and breezy. The sky is filled with lots of beautiful blue and those wonderful puffy clouds. The grass is incredible green all of sudden in the last few days. The red buds are pink......all the trees are in full bloom or green. The flowers are gorgeous. I love spring! (But then, if you haven't noticed.....I love ever season. lol) This season brings so much color, beauty and new life.

So I decided to go all out this week and make a bunch of spring cookies (without a hint of Easter cookies). What a fun set. I tried lots of new things and enjoyed every second of it.....except for the utter exhaustion as I crawled to bed last night. But it was a good kind of tired. ;)

Garden cookies...... that cute garden glove idea came from Callye's brilliant-ness. =)

April showers.......

.....bring May flowers. :)

BUZZZZZZZ........... (love how the hive turned out....and it was so easy.)

Ladybugs.....I love them so much. They're pretty generic.....everyone makes them.....but I can't get enough of them.

Birdhouses..... 'pillars.....and dragonflies. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the birdhouses.

Lots of butterflies this go around......first some with buttons, stripes and polka-dots.

A more quilted look in a big butterfly.....

And then some more realistic butterflies. I love how the black in these just make them pop.

And my favorite of all in this batch......some patchwork flowers with buttons. My daughters were oohhhing and ahhhhing........made me feel so good. =)

My latest spring collection. Fun!

Hopefully I'll get to play again next week. Now that Easter (and tons of Easter music) is over.....I have more time on my hands. Hip hip hurray!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

It has been an interesting week. I started out having HUGE plans for Easter cookies.....and they got squished down to one large batch that took me two days to decorate. ;) Oh well....I'm grateful to get these done, and I enjoyed decorating them immensely.

Tried some plaid ducks.....

More bunny peeps.....this time I remembered the eyes (although my daughter informs me....and she would know since she is a peep lover....that the eyes should be brown, not black). lol

Gingham bunnies....this time they have a white background. Yay!

Bunny heads and carrots. I tried two different designs for the bunny heads, and I'm not thrilled with either. The first one I sprinkled white sparkling sugar (not sanding sugar....which was the problem) and it hides the face and ears too much (the one on the right). The second one I just put sanding sugar on the pink parts of the ears and since I didn't do it first before the white spread out all around the pink. :( Oh and learn.

I love these mini bunnies.....and Americolor electric colors! They were also very fun to photograph. =)

The mini bunnies guarding the mini carrot garden. lol

I changed up my sheep this time....and really like the results. The black faces really make them stand out more.

Plaid bunnies again. I did a few things different....and I like these results better than the last ones.

Lots of colorful baskets. I found that Americolor electric green is not such a great color for Easter grass. : p


Bunny behinds.....I got this idea from Tina of Mad About Cookies. =)

More eggs.....

And even MORE eggs. These are my favorites.

And several pics of the whole bunch together.

Now it's time to go celebrate Easter by singing in our church's Easter musical, East to West. It is a glorious celebration of how Jesus died for us and washed our sins far as the East to the West.
Hallelujah, He is Risen!!!

Happy Easter everyone.....
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