Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Cookies for Nathan

Last week I made some baby cookies for Nathan.....born to my nephew Joseph, and his wife, Nicole, a couple of weeks ago. I had to wait until they received them in the mail before I could show you the pic. I used sky blue for this set....and really like that color! :)

I'm working on a second set of Easter cookies and hope to post them tomorrow. See ya then. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to Craziness......Easter is Next Week!

I've only been home from Ukraine for five days.....and yet I've been baking and/or decorating for the last three. =) Crazie, I know.

I had a wedding shower order that set me in motion. I was seeing red hearts with red writing in my dreams. :)

Along with the hearts.....I started Easter cookies. Yay!


Ducks....quack, quack, quack. :)



"Peeps" daughter said I should put marshmallow filling inside. ;)

Quilted eggs....

I saw some cool gingham cookies from DolledUpCookies&Cupcakes and wanted to try my hand at it. The only problem is that I ran out of white and had to use two tones of the same color. It turned out OK, but I'm anxious to try it again next week. lol about some sheep. :)

My favorite cookie this go-around....

A group shot....

I hope to try some more Easter cookies this next week. =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home from Ukraine :)

I made it home from Ukraine safe and sound late Monday night.

We had a fabulous trip! You can read more about it on my Ukraine blog. I thought I'd share a few pics here too.

The cookies I had made for the mission team as well as the for many Ukrainians were very well received. Here's a pic of some of our Ukrainian friends looking at the little cookie photo album I brought. :)

This pic was taken right after I shared cookies with all these dear sweet ladies (the regional pastors wives that we ministered to at the retreat).

And here is a group shot we had taken on our last day of the retreat......I will treasure this photo!

The pastors wives went crazie over the cookie photos and many expressed a desire to learn how to decorate cookies.....possibly using it as a business. They tell me that they have NOTHING like this in Ukraine and they believe it would be something that people would buy. What a blessing it would be to have the privilege to share my abilities and skills to help them!

We are already beginning to talk about a possible women's conference next year alongside the regional pastor's event. I may have the opportunity to offer a "cookie decorating class" during that event. That thought brings a smile to my face. :)

Now that I've been home for about 36 hours, I've had time to accomplish much.......I'm completely unpacked, have clean clothes, and can finally see the top of my desk. ;)

Today I'm going to start on a big cookie order, and hopefully I'll also get some Easter cookies decorated on Friday. I'm back in the kitchen......hurray! =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cookies Ready......Ukraine Here I Come!

Well.....I may not be packed and ready to go to Ukraine.....but my cookies are. lol Priorities, you know!

I needed to make birthday cuppies for our church's preschool again, so I did them in spring colors with Easter sprinkles.

Here's just a sampling of all the flowers I did for Ukraine. I will put some of these in gift bags to the pastors wives that we will be encouraging and teaching. Others I'll give to our hosts and interpreter. And I've got plenty extra to give to any others along the way. I love to give so much. I can hardly wait to see all the smiles.....the absolutely best part of cookie giving. :)

I attempted the Future Leadership Foundation of those very challenging cookies. I am so happy with how they turned out. I prayed as I decorated....asking God to bless my skill. I can't believe the writing is legible. I usually stink at writing. God is good!

The small squares below the logo are made to represent the Ukraine flag....

Things are really getting exciting. Only 36 hours until we leave. Hopefully tomorrow will be a very productive day. My to do list is still way too long...... but at least the cookies are ready to go. hee hee

Monday, March 8, 2010

Showing Off My Fam......

Yesterday was a gorgeous 60 degree weather day here in Missouri and it just so happened that we had planned a family photo shoot with a good friend, Erica. We had prayed for good photography weather, and God answered our prayers!

It's been quite a while since we have had family photos done.....and Erica did a fantastic job. You can see Erica's work at her website.

Here's my fam.....

I love this photo of everyone.......... except me, but I decided to lay aside my vanity so that you could see this cute line-up of all seven of us. ;)

The sky was gorgeous yesterday.....and I thought this was a fun view of our fam. :)

Hangin' at the

My crazie boys......

My precious girls.....

Even though I want to pull my hair with these kids that are either at or nearing adulthood.....I love 'em so much. :)

My second favorite photo of the day......

And here is my favorite. Back row: Allison (16), Jill (23), Keith (18), Neil (21), and Kyle (19). That's me, Pam, and my husband, Allan, on the front row. that I've had fun showing off my family (and using up lots of precious time doing it)'s time to get back to getting ready for my Ukraine trip. Friday will be here in a flash.

I hope to post pics of the cookies I'm taking to the Ukraine. First I have to make them and decorate them. ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cookie Decorators Swap

Hey there, my blog friends. :) It has been WAY TOO long.......can you believe three weeks?!

I haven't done many cookies since Valentines Day.....I needed a rest after doing so many for the I'm juggling several other things right now too.

However, a couple of weeks ago I DID do some cookies for a cookie exchange. Several cookie decorators on Flickr decided to swap cookies with each other. It was a blast! I couldn't post pics until now because it was a big surprise and we wanted to hold off on posting pics until everyone received their cookies.

So here are the cookies I made to share with the other cookie decorators......

I thought it quite appropriate to include my favorite quilt cookies. This was my first time doing them in pastels.....and they were so fun. It helped me dream of spring while I did these cookies. lol

Then I created some little cookie bakers. I thought I was being so original....but little did I know that Dawn (KneadACookie) was doing the same type design down to the heart shaped cookies. Too funny. :)

Come Friday, I'll be leaving for the Ukraine on a mission trip. I'll be gone for ten days. Hopefully I'll have time to photograph and post pics of the cookies I'm taking to the Ukraine. This week is going to be CRAZIE as I I'm not sure I'll be able to indulge myself with blog time.

Once I return home, Easter is only 13 days away. Oh my! I'll have lots of catching up to do. Plus I have a big wedding cookie order that first week I'll be jumping on the saddle right away. I'm sure it will be great to get back to cookies. :)

If you'd like to follow my mission trip, I'm going to blog along the long as I have internet access. Check out my CrazieCommitment blog.
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