Friday, February 12, 2010

At last.....Happy Valentines Day!!

Valentines weekend is finally here. Since I've been decorating V cookies for weeks seems like the time has crawled (but only in that every other way time is speeding by far too rapidly... lol).

So I did my last batch of Valentines cookies. I'm sure there is a sigh of relief from someone out there besides me. hee hee Even though I have enjoyed these cookie designs.....I'm ready for something new.....more SPRING like, ya know? I can see pastel colors with plaids, polka dots and patchwork floating in my head. Don't get me started. =)

Here are just a bunch of simple minis and small hearts I did to sell on Sunday.

The final pink collection.......

And the final red collection.......

That's it from me for a while. Next week, the only cookies I have in mind are for a cookie exchange I'm doing with several other cookiers all over the US & Canada. It will be so fun to give to and receive from some of my favorite decorators.

Happy Valentines Day to all my blogger friends! I hope you can feel the love coming through your computer screen. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Red, Pink, and White.....oh MY!

Only a post or two more and then this crazie holiday will be over. I've been told I've gone rather crazie with this holiday Valentines Day............yes, I believe I have. hee hee

Lots of orders this week. I decorated my heart out yesterday. jk It was fun.....but it was long, and I found I'm a little tired of doing quilts right now.....imagine that!

More white than red..... (thanks to Brenda for the Bee Mine idea....and to Callye for the side lines with hearts in the corner)....

Mostly red.....

A balance of red and white..... :)

And PINK all the way..... ;)

One more batch of Valentines cookies coming up tomorrow. It's all about love............

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lots of Quilts and "Same Ole" V Cookies

I had two orders to fill yesterday. The first was a dozen of some of the "same ole" Valentine cookies I did a few weeks ago. I took a pic of the group just because it seemed a shame not to. lol

Then I played around with the balloons because they are just so photogenic. :)

My other order was for THREE DOZEN quilts. Oh was quite an undertaking! My hand was so sore last night when I got done. I took a pic of the pink patterns and then the red patterns.

So no more decorating until Wednesday. I'm kind of decorated out after this last week and need a bit of a break. But come Wednesday and Friday.....I'll be seeing lots of red, pink, and white.......and hearts! :o)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Continues.....with New Cookie Cutters!

It just occurred to me at the beginning of this week that I should be baking chocolate cookies for Valentines Day. Thankfully I'm getting in a few now that holiday is drawing near.

I just received two terrific cookie cutters from Ecrandal Copper Cookie Cutters that fit the Valentines holiday perfectly. Check their site out! They have a great Valentine sale going on right now.

Here's the hard candy cookie cutter. What a fun cookie to decorate. :)

And here's the heart bouquet cookie cutter. The cutter is so cute....but my execution was not the best. I will change lots of things when I do it again. On the bright side.....I can envision all kinds of flower bouquets done with this cutter. :)

And here I go again.....playing around with a few cookies. There's something about the Valentines theme that spurs on all kinds of ideas. I guess it's because the colors are fairly simple and everything revolves around hearts....which are so easy to do. I'm definitely going to keep experimenting with cross stitch cookies in the coming months. :-))))))))

The gang's all here......

Just one more week of this red/pink/white/heart/love cookie crazie-ness!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Day......When Will You Ever Get Here? =) I'm finally coming down to my last few planned designs for Valentines Day. I guess it is about time, huh? This is my FIFTH set of Valentines cookies. hee hee And boy has it been fun.

Now I've got to start making replicates for the orders that I have. That's not near as fun as creating something new every time.....but I'm happy to make lots of money for our Ukraine missions effort. If you are unfamiliar with Cookies With a Mission.....check out one of the top entries in the right side bar. And if you want to know lots more about it, check out my blog about my involvement in Ukraine missions.

Here's the latest red set.......

And being as crazie as I am about pink......I had to do a pink set too. :)

I attempted valentines in envelopes.....but not extremely happy with them. Maybe next year I can improve on them.

Valentine Chocolate boxes....making cookies designs look three dimensional is tough! But this was the first cookie that my son Kyle made a comment on. He said, "Wow....those are cool!" He's a man of few that was HUGE coming from him. It made my day. :)

I just couldn't find a good angle to take I'm including two pics.

Here's the whole gang together.

Like I I need to fill Valentines Day orders.....but if possible, I'm going to try to sneak in a few new designs here and there in the next two weeks. ; )

(Just think.....after February 14, I can put the RED icing away until............Fourth of July!!!!!)

Two January Birthdays :-)

I know I already showed you Keith's birthday cookies.....but I thought it would be fun to show you my son and daughter on their birthdays.

For Keith's 18th birthday, he wanted me to bake a giant peanut butter cookie.....instead of a traditional cake. Here's some pics of him after he'd taken a small wedge out of it. :)

Such an innocent face......

Jill didn't want me to make her cookies. Instead.....she wanted to make chocolate cupcakes with BLUE icing. So she did it all by herself. I was decorating cookies when she baked the cupcakes.....and then I was at work when she decorated them. She did a pretty good job for only her second attempt at cuppies....

She wanted a pic of her blowing out the candles.....silly girl. (She loved making a wish and blowing out the candles so much.....she kept relighting it.) She makes me smile. :)

Here's the birthday girl and boy together. Proud Momma...... it's time to post some cookies......comin' up. =)
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