Friday, January 29, 2010

Beyond Red, Pink, and White :)

Valentines Day is only 16 days away.......

My supervisor at work ordered these blue ribbons for some ladies that did some fabulous work in the blood bank last week when a trauma came in. (I work in a hospital laboratory in hematology and blood bank.) She wanted to let them know it was a job well done. =) I wish you could see the gold disco dust in the center of those ribbons. hee hee

I do birthday cupcakes for our church's preschool dept each month. Thanks to Brenda's fabulous swirl cupcakes have never looked better. :)

Red hearts......

My own hand cut version of L-O-V-E.

Pink.....(can you tell I love pink?!)

A new kind of love BUG..... =) here was my brave attempt this go around......please don't look too close. (What am I thinking to try some of these crazy ideas?!)

Quite a variety this time.......but at least I've branched out beyond red, pink, and white....yippee!

I've got just a handful of new Valentine ideas left......stay tuned next week. Then I've got to fill my cookie orders for V Day. Boy am I having fun. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Keith!

Today my son, Keith, turns 18. He is my wild child who loves loud music, fast cars, and doing things his way. I wanted to do something special for his birthday. His favorite car is the Toyota Supra. It was only made for a few years back in the nineties. I doubt he'll ever own one......but at least his mom made him a cookie that sort of looks like one. =)

I pulled up a photo of a 1998 Supra and tried my hardest. It's a bit rough in many places, but it brought a huge smile from Keith.....and that's what counts. :)

And his other cookies.....

P.S. I forgot to mention that when I took the cookies out of the freezer Tuesday, the car was broken in half. I was heart sick because I'd only made one. I decided to try to "glue" it together with a small amount of icing both sides of the break. Sure enough, it "glued" together. So don't lose hope if a beloved cookie breaks. :)

Tomorrow's another Valentines cookie day........believe it or not, I still have several ideas I want to try. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More LOVEly Cookies :-)

I know, I are probably getting a little tired of Valentines Day cookies..... but I told you I had LOTS of ideas. lol There's less than two more weeks until the big hang on for a little while longer.

Another quilted heart. I couldn't put the stitches on it yet, because it was too wet.....but you get the idea. :0)

Random red hearts...... (notice the disco dust, hee hee)

Love Bugs!!!!!!!

Random pink and white hearts.....

Heart balloons and cupcakes (my fav this go around).....

The gathering......

Tomorrow I'll post the birthday cookies I made for my son, Keith, who turns 18 on Thursday. My oldest daugther, Jill, turns 23 on Sunday. She doesn't want we'll do cupcakes for her later this week. See.....something DIFFERENT to look forward to. =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to a very dear friend

Amongst all the Valentines cookies, I wanted to make birthday cookies for a very dear friend. She has been my prayer partner for 8 years. What a joy to grow so close to someone as we get together once a week, share, and then pray for one another.

Her favorite color is red.....which worked out perfect for doing these cookies along side Valentine ones. :-) The cool swirls on the cupcakes were inspired by a new cookie friend, Brenda.

Happy Birthday to you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Love to Go Around :-)

Remember, I've got lots of ideas swimming in my head for Valentines Day. Well here's my second attempt. I had lots of fun today. :-)

Bouquets......I did some for my sister-in-law back in November and thought it would make a nice Valentines cookie too. LOTS of layers involved here. hee hee

Karen from Karen's Cookies was so kind to send me one of her newest cookie cutters, LOVE. She wanted me to see what I could do with it since I've been doing a few words in the last few months. Thanks so much Karen for your generosity and friendship. (If you haven't checked out Karen's cookie site, it is a MUST SEE. And now that her business is expanding, you will be seeing a lot more great items offered!)

Some pretty pink hearts. I ordered the double heart cutter from Karen's Cookies. :-)

Another double heart. Love this one. I tried to make sure the photo showed the disco dust in that left red heart. :-) Can you see it? I love disco dust!!!!

Had to do some Valentines quilts. I love doing all the stitches too. :-)

The results of these cookies were a pleasant surprise. I wanted to do a different pattern behind each letter.....and really like how it turned out.

Can you feel the love? =)

I plan to do more next stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here Comes The Hearts......

I made a small batch of heart cookies last week when I was making my winter cookies so that I could decorate them today. By the way......baked sugar cookies freeze really well. :-)

Here's various red hearts. My red icing was giving me fits today because it was thinner than the rest. It kept going over the side. :-( (I won't be showing you those cookies. ; )) Notice the cool red disco dust in the two cookies to the right.....I love that stuff!! ( You may not be able to see it because it is hard to photograph. )

Various pink hearts. I'm loving all this pink....especially against the burgundy background.

Two random designs. The red heart was inspired by Myri's awesome cookies. Mine don't even begin to compare......but I had to try such a fun pattern.

I love this little double heart. I just got the cutter in the mail right after I made now I won't have to do crazy things in order to have double hearts. ;-)

Surprise.....patchwork hearts!

Here's my favorite of the bunch.......plaid with a "lacey" edge. I love how these turned out. =)

Everyone together.....

You'll be seeing lots more Valentines cookies. I have new cutters, plus lots of ideas. As always, can't wait!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Round of Winter

Well it is NOT winter weather here today in Missouri at all......but I still wanted to get one more set of winter cookies in before I start Valentines cookies. I've been saving a few ideas and graphics to try on cookies. I had fun today!!!!

Here's a repeat of my favorite little ear muffed snowmen. =)

On my SNOW cookies.....I tried something new on just one of them. I'm not sure I like it, so I'm glad I only "wasted" one cookie. lol

Winter quilts....last week while I was decorating winter cookies, I couldn't believe that I forgot to make a few fluted squares for quilts. So I made sure I did them this time. You know how much I love that quilted look. :-))))))

Sleds.....I've been wanting to try them. When I hung my new winter sled garden flag outside the other day, I realized that I could do the same pattern in a cookie. (Isn't that funny how we imagine everything in cookie form???) So here is my first winter sled. I'm sure I'll be doing this one again next year.

Another idea I've been wanting to try is a winter window scene....

I have been saving a few favorite snowman graphics since last year....wondering if I could do them on a cookie. Boy....this was a tough one! I'm not sure I'd attempt it again. The funny thing is.....I think it kind of looks like a penguin. ;-)

Here's another idea from a favorite graphic. I love the uniqueness of this cute, simple snowman.

OK....if you didn't know it already....I love snowmen! hee hee I guess it's pretty evident since five out these nine cookie designs are snowmen. :-)))

Another idea swirling in my head.....making a quilted snowman. I just used circles and pressed them together to make this very plain snowman. Then I tried to make each circle have a different pattern of "material" on it. The ric-rac carrot nose and stitched mouth just came to me while I was doing it. Fun, fun!!!

Here's the whole crew together. I love my new light I got for Christmas. Even on this very cloudy, foggy day....I was able to get some nice bright pics.

OK.....if you are tired of winter cookies, you'll be happy to know that next week I'll be doing lots of hearts and lovey-dovey stuff. :0)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome Baby Brian!

Along with the winter cookies last week.....I wanted to make some special cookies for my niece and her family in the arrival of their third child, Brian Gabriel, on December 31, 2009.

I had forgotten how much I love to do baby cookies. :-)

Bibs, rattles, and bottles.......

Onesies and a big brother shirt for James, and a big sister shirt for Eliza. This idea came from AMasterCreation.

B is for Brian. :-) My inspiration came from Johnna's cute version.

My girls helped me design this cookie.....Jill suggested putting B-R-I-A-N in "blocks". I like how it turned out.

All of them together. Lots of blue...... lol

I was hoping to do more winter cookies this week, but I think I'm going to pass. :-( My Achilles tendon has been giving me loads of trouble and I just don't have it in me to keep pushing through the pain. I had an MRI done this hopefully the doctor will get a clue of what is wrong after my surgery in August and we can get this resolved. I really am sad when I don't "feel" like doing cookies. : /

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

So the weather outside was frightful yesterday......not exactly......just snowy, windy, and bitter cold. I had already planned to decorate fun winter cookies, so the timing was perfect. As I was decorating these cookies, the snow was blowing up a frenzy outside. :-) It was a very wintry day. Thankfully, none of us had to get out in it, so we all stayed snuggly warm in our house.

I really wanted to make some unique cookies beyond the wintry type cookies I did for Christmas. Plus, I loved breaking out lots of cute colors beyond red, green, and white. ;-)

Oh.....and I got a new light for Christmas to help with my cookie photography, so it was fun to experiment with the photo shoot. =)

Mittens, sweaters, hats.......the color coordinating items were kind of an accident.

Ice skates.....I've been wanting to try these since I saw them last year.

A few cut outs....

I grew tired of doing a full snowman after doing so many at here's some cute snowmen heads. (By the way.....I LOVE snowmen. :-))

I love these snowmen with the ear muffs! I used a graphic to create these cuties. :-) The faces were inspired by Bea's super cute snowmen on Flickr. Did I mention that I love snowmen??

And of course, I had to do some quilted SNOW cookies. :-) I love doing this version of cookies so much!

I couldn't decide which assortment pic to choose for the blog, so I'm posting all of them. hee hee

I hope to do a few more winter cookies in the next week or two before I begin Valentines cookies (which some cookiers have already started!). We'll see how much time I can afford. Stay warm and dry..............
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