Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy Weekend................

It was a fantastic weekend.....but boy am I tired.......but a good kind of tired. Keith & Neil arrived home safely.....we had our big party.....which was great.....and lots of fun simple times over the weekend.

Now it is time to get back to cookies. I have two orders to do.....and then I'll make cookies for family and co-workers at the end of the week. I'm working Christmas Day and already promised those I'm working with that I'm bringing cookies. 

But then there a million and one other things to do this week too. And that clean house I had for the party......gone. It just disappeared in a matter of a few hours Saturday. ;)

I thought I'd show you the CRAZIE week I had last week when I did the 300 cookies for our ARK event at church (Acts of Random Kindness). Church members donate money to purchase the cookies from Cookies With a Mission, and then a team puts the cookies and a bunch of other goodies & info into bags to hand out at the intersection in front of our church. I doubt if most people will eat the cookies (would you eat something someone handed to you off the street?)......but it's the thought that counts. 

Here's a close-up sampling of those 300 cookies.....

I also did some dog paws for a friend that wanted to give gifts to the folks that take care of her dog when she's away.

And finally, I thought I'd show you another Christmas set I did. I was inspired by a cute Christmas snowman ornament made from a real Christmas light bulb, These were fun!

Back to work. Hopefully I'll be able to drop in several times this week and show you more of what I've been up to.

Be sure to enjoy the season this week.....even in the flurry of things to do. It goes by so I'm determined to savor the moments.


Linda said...

the lightbulb snowmen are adorable. As always, you're a classy cookie lady!!!

frankdiabetes said...

I look at your blog and it makes me feel SO LAZY! I mixed up some dough this weekend in the hopes of cutting and decorating and I ended up putting it in the freezer for next time :(. The lightbulb snowmen are so are my cookie hero!

Diane {Created by Diane} said...

so cute, those snowmen light bulbs!

Diane {Created by Diane} said...

so cute, those snowmen light bulbs!

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