Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eastern Europe......Often On My Mind

As many of you know, I donate all the proceeds I make from my cookies to our church's Ukraine mission effort. This includes taking trips to the Ukraine on a regular basis. God has given me such a heart for Ukraine and its precious people. 

Last March, I partnered with Future Leadership Foundation and we went to Ukraine to teach and love on the Baptist leaders of the country.....regional pastors and other staff. For me and my good friend Becky, it was ministering to the regional staff wives. What an amazing trip with far-reaching effects.

Future Leadership Foundation (FLF) is based here in Missouri. Their goal is to train leaders in Eastern Europe that have just found freedom in the last twenty years. This next week, they are hosting some folks from Lithuania It is located by the Baltic Sea....surrounded by Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia. I was asked to make cookies representing Lithuania and FLF. 

I made the shape of Lithuania and put the colors of their flag within it.

And then I did the FLF logo. Shew.....not an easy logo. 

Believe it or not.....I have NO cookie orders this next week. I'm excited, because I hope to do all my Christmas decorating of our house. :) I'm anxious to start working on Christmas cookies too.....but I'll only do them later this week as a "reward" if I reach my home decorating goals.
I know....I'm kind of CRAZIE. lol


Renee said...

Those are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!! <3 You're so talented!

Lindy said...

What a neat story; the cookies are beautiful.

Erin O. said...

Those are awesome! You have such talent!!!

The Captain's Daughter said...

Thanks for all you do for the people over there! The world is better for your effort!

Your cookies (as always!) are spectacular!

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