Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cookie Tree!

I baked and decorated up a storm the last few days......and finally have my cookie tree filled with cookies. So now I just need some guests.......hmmmm.....where could I find visitors who would like to have a cookie????

Here's my fun little tree. I think it is a little stressed right now because it has over 30 cookies on it. hee hee

And now I get to show you some of my Christmas cookie designs. Yippee!!!!

I made a yummy chocolate cookie with peppermint icing. Since I was using the dark background of the chocolate cookie......I decided to try something I've not done very much.....white on white, and white with very pale pastels. I like the results. :)

It has a really different look than the traditional colors (which is what I usually do), but oh, how fun to add all kinds of disco dust and sanding sugar and make them sparkle. I wish the photos showed you all the decoration.I'm so happy I tried these colors.

Lots more to come in the next several days.......


amalia said...

I LOVE that idea of a cookie tree! I bet you will have many people knocking at your door. Your tree and cookies look darling...and your house is beautiful. Can't wait to get all my decorations up...the kids are so excited...I just need to get my act together. Still working on Thanksgiving cookies:)

dani said...

They are adorable!!!!
I want to try too but my son will go crazy to eat!
I love your blog and work, you are the best!

Kisses from Brazil


Pauline said...

Your Cookie Tree is charming . . . and . . . hmmmmm, looks "good enough to eat"!! ;-) I'll bet you have lots of visitors who would love to have one of it's cookies (or 2, or 3?)!

And they are sooo pretty with all the special sugars on them - love the pastels! You do beautiful work!

Becs said...

That tree is FAR too cute!!! I saw your post the other day about having seven trees and have been waiting to see the final one... Wish I could visit!!! I have a teeny tiny tree in my bedroom covered ENTIRELY in high heel shoe ornaments :D

Becs @ Stiletto Studio

NenaNena said...

These are awesome Pam. You always inspire me to bake.

Kate H.( said...

i love your cookie tree! Such a welcoming treat!

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