Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Cookie Camp 2010 Pics :)

Just a few more pics of cookie camp.
These were taken by other campers......Jen (Posh Pastries) and Karen (SugarDeaux)

Here's most of the campers posing in front of the most amazing view close to Cookie Camp
(in Smoky Mountains, TN).

 Lisa's son was concerned for her getting together with all these people from the Internet and not really knowing them (something we've all taught our kids was a bad, bad thing!). We joked that we might hit her over the head with a rolling pin.
We took this photo for her to show her son how dangerous we all are. :)))))))

A fun photo of campers shopping at Hobby Lobby. :)

 Here's the collections of cookies we all did.
It is amazing how different a leaf, dress, flower, & crown can be!

Look at Jen's version of a crown cookie (top right corner). It's a ballerina's legs and skirt. Amazing!

Look at all the ideas the decorators came up with for a candy corn cookie!

Here's a fun project we did. We wanted to surprise, Alan.....Lisa's husband (the camp director) with a special cookie gift since he prepared all the meals for us. Each of us received a square cookie and decorated with a letter to form a cute and very unique cookie message to Alan. =) 

My favorite picture of the "dozen decorators". Everyone of these ladies has become so special to me!

Can't wait until next year......


Kris said...

How stinkin' fun!!!

Sue said...

Wow...SO much creativity in one place! Amazing cookies! I want to go to Cookie Camp! :) So fun!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

This looks like soo much fun. SO much talent :)

Bea @ CancunCookies said...

I can't wait either, Pam... I congratulate everyone for making COOKIE Camp happen... you and Lisa put so much of your time to make it a reality... Thank you!!

Pam said...

Thanks everyone.

My pleasure, Bea. It was pure joy. :)

amalia said...

Cookie Camp sounds sooooo fun! I loved all the pictures and seeing all of the amazing and creative cookies!!!! What a great group of ladies!!!!! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures with us!!!

Haniela said...

Wow. I'm seeing these for the first time. They are super awesome.
Such a creative bunch.

denise hilton said...

i wanna go to camp how does it work? how very cool.

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Denise, Cookie Camp 2011 is going to be limited to advanced decorators in a Flickr group called "Cookie Queens". Our desire is to build up the number each year to make sure we can manage the size of the camp. We don't want to grow to fast and not put on a worthwhile event. Last year was our first we are still very new at this. Hopefully in the next year or two, we can feel confident enough to open it to other cookie decorators. If we do, I'll be sure to inform everyone on my blog.

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