Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lots of Quilts and "Same Ole" V Cookies

I had two orders to fill yesterday. The first was a dozen of some of the "same ole" Valentine cookies I did a few weeks ago. I took a pic of the group just because it seemed a shame not to. lol

Then I played around with the balloons because they are just so photogenic. :)

My other order was for THREE DOZEN quilts. Oh was quite an undertaking! My hand was so sore last night when I got done. I took a pic of the pink patterns and then the red patterns.

So no more decorating until Wednesday. I'm kind of decorated out after this last week and need a bit of a break. But come Wednesday and Friday.....I'll be seeing lots of red, pink, and white.......and hearts! :o)


The Painted Cookie said...

Going to start calling you..."Cookie Crazie Machine!" Looks great as always! : )

Lyndsey said...

The quilts are so beautiful. You have inspired me to attempt some cookie decorating sometime soon with your cookie and icing recipe. (I've never done cookies, only cakes!)
As always, God bless!

Mike Summers said...

I love the red, black, and white color scheme on those. Wonderful as always!

Bea said...

Love the heart appliqué on the Quilt COOKIES!! You deserve a good rest, Pam!! Glad to know you have lots of orders :D

Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Just beautiful as always!! Love love love the red and black quilts!

Baking Momma said...

Hi Pam! Beautiful work as usual. I had a question for you. I tried to make the icing you have posted. Do you have the measurements you specifically use to make mass amount. I tried it the way it stated on the website but 2 teaspoons of milk didnt work too well and adding more corn syrup wasnt working either. Is it something I am doing wrong? Could it be where I live Florida? Help please. I usually make royal icing. But for some odd reason. This time around half of my cookies icing collapsed. Never in years has that happened but it did. It was horrible. I should have taken pictures to post. But got so upset and tossed them.

Thank you for your help and for all your tips!

Anonymous said...

Your cookies are absolutely amazing and inspiring!!! I have some experience with cake decorating but never did cookie decorating. With your icing that you use is there anything that you need to do to "flood the cookie"? I've read on some websites that sometimes you need to add water or crisco to thin out the icing to flood the cookie. Does this apply to your recipe too? Sorry but I'm just confused. I hope my come out looking decent :).

Pam said...

A big thank you to all of you. :)

Lyndsey....I wish you great success. And have fun!!!

Mike and Laurie....I wasn't sure about adding so much black on the quilt, so I appreciate your comments about the colors.

Baking Momma and Anonymous.....I have lots of tips in my FAQ on the right side bar to help.

Baking Momma....I'm sure the climate in FL may have a lot to do with the trouble you are having. Just keep experimenting until you find works. That's what I had to do. One tip....don't add too much corn syrup. The cookies take forever to dry with too much.

I use the same icing to outline and flood and have given my technique for how to get the right consistency.

Loren Ebert said...

Incredible, as usual!

Diane {} said...

I hope it's ok I put this photo on my blogs I love with a link to your blog next to it. I didn't see a blog button and just thought it was a cute glimpse of your work :) if it's not ok let me know and I will take it off.
and yes, I know you won't get this for a while :)

sanjeet said...

"Cookie Crazie Machine!" Looks great as always
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Pam said...

No problem, Diane. It's a compliment that you want to post it on your blog.

Thanks to both you and sanjeet. :)

Pam said...

No problem, Diane. It's a compliment that you want to post it on your blog.

Thanks to both you and sanjeet. :)

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