Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boy Baby Shower

Have you ever estimated that you could do something fairly easily and later discovered that it was probably one of the most difficult things you took on? Well I can say that about the project I just did for a baby shower. Wow......I looked at the invitation and thought, "No problem". Trust me, yesterday I was not saying "No problem"!

Here's the challenge......make 42 cookies of these palm trees, lion heads, and then onesies to match the colors and patterns.

First off, making matching colors was pretty challenging. Notice the "burnt" orange, avocado-y green, and strange brownish grey color. Wow......I spent a lot of time mixing up the colors...alone.

The palm trees were not terribly I did those first.

Next came the biggest challenge......lion heads. But not just any lion heads. Making this whimsical look proved much more challenging than I expected. I figured I just swirl some white around the sides, add a head, and then some face features. Well I did all that.....but the outcome was a bit iffy. Hopefully they will be liked despite the fact that they are a little off. (Ntoice the little green thing up in the top right "corner" of the circle. It is supposed to be the little crown on the lion.....he's the KING you know lol......but they didn't exactly turn out so you can tell what they are......)

The final part allowed me to be creative......making onesies in all the same colors. I love doing onesies.....they are so fun.

Here are my favorite ones.....

And finally......the assortment together.

Well.....I did it. I can't say I'm totally happy with all the cookies, but I think it is close enough that they will work. (Remind me to be a little careful in what I agree to do from now on!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Sixteen!

My "baby" daughter, Allison, turned 16 on Monday. Oh boy.....look out driving world, here she comes. lol

I had a blast decorating cookies for her yesterday. The only down side was I just started wearing a regular shoe on Wednesday (after going to the doctor and getting the pin out of my toe) and I'm still getting use to walking on a rather painful foot again. Needless to say, my foot was not very happy with me by the time I finished last night. :-(

On a brighter note, we had fun in the kitchen this week to celebrate the big birthday. Jill and I made Allison cupcakes to celebrate on Monday......then I made her cookies yesterday for her party tonight.

Here's my sweet Allison and the cupcakes we made her..... (note....I've never formally decorated cupcakes before, so don't expect much.)

For the cookies, I went with pink and black (rather than pink/brown like on the cuppies). I added an electric green to the mix just to keep it from being boring. ;-)

I've done lots of balloons, but I'm always trying to perfect each design. I love the simplicity of these.

I got a new balloon cutter last week and tried it out too. It's 50% larger than the other one and is supposed to be a bit lopsided looking......but I'm not very fond of it so far. Maybe I'll skip the black outline next time.

Here's some experiments with the fluted round cutter. The "flower" tie-dye looking one was a surprise. I'll be trying that one again. The monogram one didn't exactly turn's a bit busy and the "A" blends in. I've got some ideas for the next time....... And Callye, you'll notice that I DID try writing on a cookie this go around. You told me to just write whether i liked it or not, so here I am......but I'm still not liking how my writing turns out on a cookie. :-)

Cuppies! I tried some different designs and like their whimsical look.

Allison wanted VW bug cars.....her dream car. lol These little guys are so photogenic. I love playing around while taking their photos.

And then, my favorite cookie of all. These 16 cookies turned out so fun! I had a blast decorating each one unique. Allison's favorite is the one on the top far left. My favorite are the two in the middle.

Here's some of the better designs.....

These two are my favorite. They turned out the way I dreamed in my head. ;-)

Here's a fun assortment pic.

Next week I have a baby shower order, so I should be back at the end of next week. I'm going to rest my foot this weekend and hope that things improve. Since I have to return to work in EIGHT days (YIKES!)....I sure hope they improve.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At last! ........sigh

I've finally gotten my cookie "fix". It was a joy to decorate cookies yesterday......I've missed it so much. My foot wasn't thrilled with the idea of being used thoroughly for several hours.....but I tried to treat it nice by sitting much more often than I usually do. I usually stand the entire time I am decorating, so it was a bit of an adjustment.

My 22-year-old daughter, Jill, is coming home to live with us after having been gone for the last four years as a Youth With A Mission missionary in Nashville. We are thrilled to have her back.....knowing she'll be leaving in just a few short months to go overseas. I wanted to surprise her with some fun cookies.

I decided to do smiley cookies because I knew they would be nice and easy.....and my foot needed "nice and easy". ;-) The funny thing is that I ended up doing quilts too because Jill loves quilting. However, those cookies were not nice and easy. Oh well......I had a blast and if nothing else, my emotional state is uplifted.

These guys are very photogenic. :-)

Next I tried an idea I saw from Polka Dot Zebra that I thought I would try. I love this little cut-out idea. My handwriting on a cookie needs lots of improvement, but believe it or not, it is a LOT better than it use to be. I need to practice more, but I avoid writing on a cookie as much as possible because I do so poorly and thus, no practice. It's a vicious cycle. lol

Finally, my favorite part.......I love quilts and so does Jill. I've been studying them the last few weeks while I've been recovering in bed. I also am greatly inspired by one of my cookie heros, Amifsud on Cake Central. I had such fun doing these. Sadly, I used a beautiful purple color and in these photos, it shows up as it looks like I had tons of blue quilts. I wish you could see the contrasting colors.

These are my very favorite ones. :-)

You can be sure I'll be doing more quilts.

Next week is my youngest daughter, Allison's, SIXTEENTH birthday, so I hope to make some special cookies for her. Hurray!

Until is great to be back in the cookie world. :-))))))))))

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Decorating.....Here I Come!

I'm so excited......I baked cookies today......first time in two LOOONNNNGGGGG months. ;-) Tomorrow I hope to decorate some simple cookies for my daughter, Jill's, homecoming on Tuesday. She has lived away from home for four years now and is coming home to live for a while. I thought I'd make her some fun cookies to welcome her home.

So.................very soon, I'll be posting some cookie pics. I can hardly wait.

My foot surgery recovery is moving along. It has seemed like an eternity, but it has only been just under four weeks. I ended up non-mobile for three weeks and that nearly drove me insane. But I started walking on my heel last Sunday and have been building up my strength ever since then.

Everything still hurts, but it seems to get a little better each day.

Just a reminder......try not to take your body for granted. God has made us so complex and our bodies are amazing. I guess we become most aware of those facts when we are incapacitated. We are blessed to be able to do all that we can!

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