Sunday, August 23, 2009

FAQ Posted

As I continue to lay here in bed waiting for my foot/ankle to heal, I thought I'd add FAQ to the right side bar of this blog. So many people ask me the same it seemed like it might save me some time if I could just refer them there. Check it out. :-)

I was very disappointed this week when at my first post-op doctor visit I learned that, yes, I'm now allowed to walk on my heel for the next five weeks (and not put any weight on the main part of my foot because of the bone fusion) probably will be too uncomfortable to do so since I had major work done on my Achilles tendon too. Sure enough, just trying to get my foot to push down into the boot has been a chore. And it doesn't seem like it will be any time soon that I'll be able to put my body's weight on my heel. :-( I was hoping for a little normality after the first visit.....but it looks like it could be a while before I can walk at all. Sad day.

Oh well, at least I'm making the most of it. I'm trying to improve my blog and keep myself as active as I'm allowed.

Thanks for hangin' with me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

While I'm Recovering From Surgery......

I had my foot surgery on Tuesday and all is well. :-) It's nice to have the surgery part over with.

Now for the recovery......six weeks is a long time, but I know it will go by quickly. I have to stay in bed with my foot propped up for 8 more days. I figured while I'm doing that, and I have my netbook here to be on the internet, I might as well show you a few cookie pics from the Ukraine. :-)

I had the opportunity to buy some cookies at the local market one day. Here is a sugar cookie they offered. It had a bit of jam in the middle and sugar all over the top. It was rather bland tasting to me, but it was fun to experience a sugar cookie Ukrainian style.

We had a tea party for the elderly where we offered them cakes, cookies, fruit and candy. Wow....what a big sugar feast. The cakes in the Ukraine are really different than what we are use to. They have fruit filling or various other flavored fillings. Each cake is a unique combination of it's own. There was a type of cheese cake that was pretty yummy......but I thought it interesting that it was not refrigerated. Then there was one cake that had jello pieces in the filling part. Very interesting. I loved the variety of cookies they offered. They had lots of kinds and I enjoyed them all (I am cookie crazie, remember?). We had plates and plates of all these desserts and what the people didn't eat (and trust me, they ate a lot, because they don't ordinarly get these kinds of treats) they took home the leftovers in little plastic bags. It made me realize once again, how spoiled we Americans really are.

Finally, here's a pic of the boxes of cookies offered in the grocery store. You can buy a full box of them, which is quite a lot of cookies, or in this store, you could buy individual cookies. My favorite cookie was this pastry type cookie with lots of layers. Yum!

That's all for now. I don't have any more cookie pics to offer until I start decorating in mid-to-late it will be a while until I have something to offer this blog. Hopefully I can come up with lots of great ideas for fall and winter cookies while I sit here. =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm already in Cookie Withdrawal.......

Hi cookie has been way too long since I wrote a post here.

My Ukraine trip was fabulous! There's way to much to share here in one short blog post, so if you want to hear more, you can drop by my crazie commitment blog to read about it.

I've been home from the Ukraine for two weeks, but been very busy getting things done around here before my foot surgery. Thus.....I didn't get to bake and decorate any cookies as I'd hoped. :-( Sad day.

A little history on me and my fam......we've spent the last year finishing our basement in our new house, and it was finally completed while I was in the Ukraine. My family surprised me with it when I got home. :-) Happy girl......

So for the last two weeks, I've been unpacking our garage that was filled with all our basement stuff, and getting everything in order all through the house. And then I did some deep cleaning. Yeehaw! It was awesome. My house is probably cleaner now than it has ever been. It will put my mind at rest while I have my surgery and recover....that my house is in tip top shape. Of course, I'm sure it will also make me a bit irritated when everyone messes it all up while I'm laying in bed. lol

I hope to collect ideas for cookie designs while I am recovering.....getting ready for the fall and all the cookies I will make. Can't wait!!!

I'll keep you posted (ha ha) on how surgery and recovery goes. Thanks for being here.
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