Friday, May 29, 2009

Trial and Practice

It feels like it has been so long since I've posted anything.....and yet it has only been three days. Silly me. I guess it is because my last three days have been action packed. Thankfully a little of that time was filled with cookies. :-)

Here's the golf cookie bouquet I told you about. The golf tournament to benefit Gambia missions was held today.....a BEAUTIFUL sunny day. I'm anxious to hear how well the turnout was and how well they did on the silent auction.

Every month I'll be making birthday cookies for our church's preschool department's birthdays. I've done these cuppie cookies several times, but this time I did a few different colors. If you haven't figured it out yet, I LOVE lots of color. ;-)

My own daughter, Allison, "ordered" some girly cookies for friends. Here's some of the shoes. I let her dictate what she wanted on them......although I limited her to red and black since those were the colors I already had for other cookies. Allison could easily be a shoe-aholic, so these cookies are very fitting for her. lol

Finally, I took on a cookie challenge offered by Sweet Treats (a fun Flickr group I'm in) and ran with their theme of CIRCUS cookies this month. I can't show you the cookie that I entered in the contest (yet!), but here's the "rejects". (Oh.....and if you go on the Sweet Treats site, scroll down and you'll see who won "Best of Cookies" for last week. With all the talent in that is hard to fathom that they'd even consider me.)

I like how the car turned out on this one......but not the clown. I found out clowns are really hard. : /

Here's my "big top" tent. I think it needs something written on the black part.....but as bad as I am at writing things on the cookie, I didn't want to mess it up. ;-)

I thought this popcorn box turned out the best of all my circus cookies, but it didn't seem "circus-y" enough for the contest, so I went with a different design. Now that I've sent my "second choice" in.....I'm having second thoughts.....but it is too late now. Oh's just a little cookie contest. Fun stuff. I certainly shouldn't stress over it.

There's been a great response to the cookie cutter give-away. So far I see 54 entries......although there are still a couple on the list that have not listed their email address. Just so you've been told very clearly, if you don't have your first name and an email address in a comment on that post, you will not be eligible to win. It may seem harsh, but I don't think we're asking too much.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments as you've signed up for the contest. I've refrained from responding to anyone there to keep that list holding only the entries. Please know that I've read everyone and am grateful for all you've said. If you posted anything that needs a response, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

Have a great weekend......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally........My Try at Baby Cookies

I have a friend who asked about me doing cookies for a baby shower in a few weeks. Since I needed to make the golf cookies yesterday anyway, I decided to do a practice run of baby cookies. Oh what a blast I had!!!!!

Pastel teddies.......

Pacifiers......I wasn't pleased with these, but next time I'll try new things that will hopefully work better.

Baby bottles.....these were OK, but I definitely want to work for improvement here too.

Baby carriages......a little harder than I thought they'd be. But I loved how the pink one came out so "lacey" looking.

Bibs.......lots of fun. There are so many possibilities.

Baby shoes......I used an egg cutter. Fun, fun, fun.

My FAVORITES of all the baby cookies.....Onesies!!!! There is so many things you can do with them.

Boy-ish Onesies......

Girly onesies.......I love how feminine these turned out. :-)

And my family loved these particular cookies.....not for what they looked like.......but because as soon as I took their photos today, I gave them the "all clear" to eat as many as they wanted.'d have thought I'd given them a million dollars. ;-) It's been a while since I've given them a whole batch at one time, so they've been in cookie heaven this evening.

That's it for now.......I'll be decorating more later this week.

Golf Anyone?

Just for the record.....I'm not a sports person at all. But in the cookie world, I have to step out of my "comfort zone" and cater to others. I'm finding that going outside of the "Pam Box" can be very fun and rewarding. :-)

Our church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, is hosting a golf tournament this Friday to benefit a mission effort we've started in the Gambia, Africa. I offered some cookie bouquets for the silent auction. I'm making a pre-made one for that day (so people can know what a cookie bouquet looks like......believe it or not, some have no idea what it is.....) and then offering two bouquets of their choice for the future. I'm going to put together a scrap book of my cookie photos so that they can get idea of what is available. Fun stuff.

So I thought for the pre-made bouquet I'd do a golf theme......kind of a no-brainer, ya know? I've save some great ideas over time and took off yesterday into the golf cookie world. ;-)

A golf hole scene with a trailing ball. hee hee

Here's some golf balls in the grass. These babies are a huge.......4" not your typical golf ball. ;-)

My golf shirt cookie was inspired by Cookie Cutter Creations here.

These golf bags with clubs were inspired by A Dozen Eggs blog.

These golf carts I did after looking at a cute graphic. I added the little golf scene in the back for good measure. :-)

Here's all of them together. I can hardly wait to put the bouquet together. :-))))))))

Wow.....the give-away sign up is going strong. Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments. I'm honored that you would find inspiration and joy from the blog. (Crissy.....I'm considering changing my tag line. :-))

I wish you ALL could win......but I don't think Karen is quite equipped for such a give-away. ;-)

More to come in just a little bit......

Monday, May 25, 2009

IMPORTANT! Regarding Cookie Cutter Give-Away

I just wanted to reiterate that if you want to be signed up for the cookie cutter give-away drawing, you must give your first name and an email address. I've noticed that some that have left a comment for the give-away today but did not leave an email address. And I believe one didn't give either. I'm pretty sure it is possible to edit your comment.....but you can't.....just put a new one in.

If you're worried about your personal info being abused, it will not happen from my end. And if you'd like, I can delete all the entries after next week's drawing so your email address is no longer on the blog.

Oh.....and if you live outside of the USA you are invited to participate too. Karen says she will send it internationally as well. (So Bea from you want to participate???!)

Be sure to go to the original post on the give-away to enter your information.

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful responses. I'm so glad you are here with me and are enjoying the things I post. :-)

Cookie Cutter Give-Away!!!!

The big announcement has finally

Karen from Karen's Cookies has agreed to send a bundle of ten cookie cutters to someone who reads this blog and enters to win!

I'm so excited because many of you have become friends and offered such terrific support. Now I can give back to you in a small way because of Karen's generosity. :-)

Here are the ten cookie cutters specifically picked out for this blog. I chose them because most I've used before (or their likeness) and thought you might like to give them a try too.

Inorder to be in the drawing to win these cutters, you need to add a comment to this blog post with your first name and email address. This way, if you are chosen, Karen can contact you to make arrangements to send you the prize.

Your comment must be received by midnight (12:00 AM CST) on Monday, June 1 in order to be eligible.

Each entry will be assigned a number. I will obtain a random number from to determine the winner. let the fun begin! I wish you all the best. Thanks for being part of this blog and bring me so much joy. I wish you ALL could win. :-)

Give Away is CLOSED.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Love America!

I promised you the pics of the patriotic cookies I made this week. There's only six of them, so that is quite a contrast from last night. lol

OK......just to warn you, I'm trying a new thing that my niece, Lauren, is trying to instruct me on. She told me how I can link my Flickr photos onto this blog and that way I'll only have to download them once. We'll see if this works. I'm a little scared. ;-)

Here's some simple small stars.

Then some larger stars.

One of my favorites....

Another favorite....

American flags.......flag poles and strings included. :-)

And finally a group shot.

Thanks Lauren for helping me out. :-)

Don't forget everyone.......I have an important announcement tomorrow I can hardly wait to share with all of you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello Summer :-)

OK, I warned you that I had lots to show you, right? So are you ready.

In honor of the beginning of summer.....which I've always heard begins on Memorial Day, I made lots of summer cookies.

But before I get to those, here's the graduation bouquet I made this week.

I also had an order for a wedding shower......40 flowers in pink, lime green, purple, & yellow with name tags attached. I thought I might get tired of making these stitched flowers......but I still love them. :-)

Now to the summer cookies......Watermelon!

This photo was supposed to be facing the other way.....but I'm having fits with uploading my photos on blogger.

Ice Cream Cones! I did these twice this week. Here's the first set:

Then I did a lighter color for the cones and even made some hand cut cake cones. Fun, fun!!!

How about a little chocolate on top of that vanilla? Or a cherry on top? lol

Yum, yum. They look good enough to eat!

So this photo is to be honest with all of you and show you that there are some things I try that I'm not happy with at all. This was my first attempt at making flip flops with ribbon. The little cookie shapes for the thong was just WRONG! They are too thick and they don't look right. The folded ribbon is better on the one above......but still not what I had pictured in my mind. It's amazing how perfect it looked in my mind. ;-)

Here's my second attempt. I like these OK......but I think it needs something where the ribbons meet.


One of my favorites......Crocs!!!! I did not make this up. I saw it in a cookie a few months ago and wanted to try it myself. It was kind of hard....but fun.

Beach Balls. I love these colorful circle cookies. :-))))))))))

Here's my Weber kettle grils. :-) Someone suggested I make these for Father's Day. What a great idea!

Then I got even fancier and made an open grill with flames, grates, hot dogs, and even grill marks on the hot dogs. hee hee My family marveled at them......but they thought I was crazy at the same time. ;-) Again.....I did not make this up.....I saw this in a cookie recently as well.

And then finally......a pic of lots of summer cookies. :-)

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll post my patriotic cookies.

And then MONDAY I will announce a fun give-away that Karen from Karen's Cookies has arranged to do on my blog. Don't miss out on all the fun.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Back......With Lots to Post This Weekend :-)

Sorry to have been missing for a while. Last week I didn't have any cookie I had a nice break from baking and decorating (for a whole4

This week.....I'm back in full swing. I have lots and lots to post......but I'll have to do it over time this weekend since I need to head to bed right now to be up at 4AM for work. Thankfully I'll have plenty of time to blog and post pics this weekend as my family just left for my in-laws, and I have the weekend to myself. (Since I had to work tomorrow, I couldn't go with them.)

Here's just a small portion of my new cookies. And STAY TUNED......I have a big announcement to make this weekend that you will definitely want to get involved in. I'm so excited.....and I know you will be too. (Nothing like suspense, huh?) here's the graduation cookies I did for a bouquet this week. The colors were royal blue and gold.

(For some reason, blogger won't upload this photo the way I saved it. Sorry about that.)

This is my favorite of the graduation cookies (the one with the hand and the diploma).....I guess because it was unique compared to the typical graduation choices. My teens went crazy over this one.

Check back often this weekend.....there's much more to come.
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