Friday, April 24, 2009

Electric Everything!

I'm back with a very "electric" post.

I got my hands on Americolor's electric colors (electric purple, electric pink, electric orange, electric blue, electric green [my favorite at the moment], and electric yellow). Oh boy did I have fun. By now you must know how much I love lots of color. ;-)

First I thought you might want to see the tool bouquets put together. My sister was very happy with them.....and that made me happy.

My daughter, Allison, talked me into letting her have the extra "thank you" tag cookie since she is so deprived and never gets cookies anymore.......then my son, Keith, said very pitifully last night......"Are we ever going to get a bunch of your cookies at one time like we use to?" Those poor hungry, sweet-deprived teenagers. Ha ha......

Here's my bumble bees bagged up with cute yellow and black ribbons. :-)

Then I had to make some birthday cuppies for I used the ELECTRIC colors. Fun, fun. I loved how the colors matched many of the confetti stars I added to the top of the cuppies. :-)))))

Electric small flowers......

Electric daisies......

How about electric butterflies?? are my newest small and medium butterfly cutters.
I put the electric green on my 'pillars.....did I mention that I LOVE this green?

Then I got this cool idea from SweetSugarBelles (Callye). She used a ladybug, so I changed it up and used a bumble bee. I'm going to have to try this again and make some better flowers.

Here's an assortment of all my ELECTRIC bugs and flowers. :-)))))))
I made some frogs for a good friend. I didn't have a cutter so I hand cut these. That was my first time for hand cutting......and I need some serious help with that. Anyone want to offer advice on how to hand cut cookies????
I like how they turned out....nevertheless.

And favorite cookie this go ELECTIC VW bug cars. Hee hee hee. Aren't these fun? I got my inspiration from Karen's Cookies. Hers are so much better.....but I sure had fun trying.

I'm normally an early-to-bed kind of person.....but last night I was up until 11 PM doing cookies. My legs and feet hurt so bad. :-((((( The problem was that I had so many errands and taxiing jobs to do throughout I didn't get started until 3 PM, and then got interrupted several times. THANKFULLY, my son, Kyle, got his license today so hopefully I won't be doing near the taxiing jobs. :-) We only have ONE teenager left to get her license.....hopefully in September.
I thought it funny that I'm talking about driving right below the car pics and it wasn't intentional at all.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Funny Combinations..... I did another funny combination of cookies yesterday.

First, I wanted you to see my latest bees....this time with antennas. (I can't believe I forgot them last time!) Can you hear the buzzing sound? :-)

More butterflies.....a little different colored one. It is fun to make them all a little different. :-)

My sister asked me to make two bouquets for her to give to some guys that have helped her fix up her house. Here's my version of work tools that I'm putting in the "Thank You" bouquets. I really had fun with these.

I love the lines in the screw driver handle.....they make them look almost real.

"Wooden" handled hammers.....hee hee.
The whole group of them with the thank you tag.

So we go from home repair tools to formal dresses and wedding stuff. Silly, huh? I've been wanting to try out wedding stuff for a long time, but never had the occasion to do here we go.
Here's cookies from my terrific formal dress cutter from ecrandal originals.
My daughter, Allison, said she loves the line running down the side of the blue one.

Here's some "tuxedoes". I'm gonna have to work on these.....they were much harder than I thought they'd be. I hid my really bad one in the back so you can't see how terrible it looks. ;-)
And here's my version of the bride dresses. Fun, fun, fun.

Today I received my shipment from CountryKitchenSweetArt, so I'll get to try some new cutters and the Americolor "electric" color gels tomorrow. I can hardly wait!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gone Buggy!

I've had a blast with this batch of cookies because I could do whatever I wanted. (The last several weeks I've been filling orders and keeping up with the Easter requests.)

I used some new cutters from Ecrandal Originals (tulips, mod flower, butterflies, and bees) and loved every second of it!

Here's the tulips. This is one HUGE cookie at five inches tall! My biggest fans that love big cookies are going to love these. :-)

I wasn't sure what to do with it since there is not a lot you can do with a tulip.....but I just kept it simple and added favorite.

Here's two of my birdhouses.

Mod flowers (ecrandal cutter) are huge and fun!

I modified my other flowers and made the center a patch. :-)

OK....these little 2" flower cookies are so fun. As you can see....I couldn't stop taking pics of them. Very photogenic little guys.....

THEN.......I did LOTS of bugs. Look out.....I went camera CRAZIE today. :-)

Snails..... (I definitely plan to improve their eyes next time) you like them better with "legs" or without?

Dragonflies again.....

Here's some bees using the ecrandal cutter. I love these little guys.
Look out....the swarm has arrived. :-)

Butterflies......another fabulous ecrandal cutter. I made stithced Bflies and then some more intricate ones.

Regular ladybugs this time (as opposed to pastel "spring-y" ones).....

And finally.....I took all the bugs and gathered them in my new photo box together. What fun!

Can you tell I'm enjoying this immensely. :-)
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