Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Am I CRAZIE or What? I got a little obsessed this week. I decided I wanted to make Valentine cookies for several groups of instead of two batches of cookies (around 40+) I made four batches (80+). So I lay them all out on Monday at 10 AM and start working.....and before I know it is 7 PM and I'm only half way through!!!! I wanted to make some fun, different designs and they took lots of time.

SO.....I put the rest away and got them out on Tuesday to finish. After a few more hours I finally got them done!!! What was I thinking??!!

Well I ended up with some designs I love, but my hand is still screaming at me for the marathon I was on. :-)

Here's my favorite cookie out of all 80+ cookies. This patchwork idea just came to mind on Sunday night and I could hardly wait to try it out on Monday. :-)))))))

Here's the large patchwork hearts and then the next picture is of the smaller ones.

I repeated this "sweater design" (note to Pam H.....I was listening) from last time.....I really like how these turn out.

Here's just a basic one with three colors....and I love this fuscia color.
Here's a bunch of random stitched hearts.
And here's all my smaller hearts. I love that little folk heart cutter. :-)

We did our packing party tonight for Treat the Troops. What joy there is in sending our precious soldiers in Iraq some home baked and lovingly decorated cookies. :-)))))))
I had hoped to make some Valentine cookie bouquets for the family tomorrow....but after analyzing the last few days....I decided I've done enough this week and I need to let these cookies be it for the holiday. (Why does Valentines Day have to come so fast. ;-))
Happy Valentines Day to you all! Be sure to let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yikes....Valentines Day is just one week away!

I made my first Valentines cookies this week. I just realized that the holiday is just nine days away. does each season and holiday seem to come faster and faster!

These cookies were made for packages that will be sent to our church's out-of-town college students.....sent by our senior adult group. I was so happy to make them to cheer everyone up. And my two oldest, Jill & Neil, will be in the list of recipients. :-))))))

I'm hoping to make cookies two more times next week to have plenty of cute hearts to share all around. :-)

I've been hanging out on CakeCentral these last few months and have gotten lots of great ideas for Valentines cookies from the awesome creators there. Check it out:
The site is actually for cake decorators, but it has a little corner just for "cookiers" too, so I hang out in that little spot. ;-)

I fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it and was a bit stunned that I could actual emulate it and it look I did lots of them. :-)

I'm very fond of these pink ones too.

Here's some miscellaneous ones that I hope to improve the next couple of times I decorate these hearts. I've grown very fond of the "stitched" look since I love quilts and country things.

Here's a cool swirly design with red and white edible glitter (which looks like little globs from the bad reflections in this

This is a kind of bizarre one I tried with black mixed with red and white. I'm not sure I like this one, so I put it in my "reject" pile.....meaning the family's cookies. Kyle gobbled it right up. :0)

Here's all the "acceptable" cookies (lol) packaged up and ready to go.

I can hardly wait to try them again next week for our Treat the Troops event. :-)
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