Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Snowstorm = Winter Cookies!

We had a "big" snowstorm (at least for those of us in Missouri, it was big!) this week and so making these winter cookies for our church's choir retreat this weekend seemed very appropriate. :-) I love winter, so making these cookies was extra fun. (But then I love every making cookies is fun all year

I got some new cutters right before I did these.....a sweater, a large snowflake and a smaller one. I cut a small snowflake out of the large one and thought it turned out pretty nifty.

Here's the cool sweather. I had a lot of fun with this one.....I look forward to making lots more of these next year.

I used the idea from Christmas to make all the small snowman heads. I love all those pastel hats on those cuties. :-)

Sweet Annie's Icing worked perfectly for making all the details in my snowflakes. I loved working with it.

Next week I'll be making Valentine this will be the last of the winter cookies.
Happy Winter to all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Cookie Bouquet!

I attempted my first cookie bouquet today. was a lot of work, but oh so fun! I wanted to do something special for my very dear friend (and prayer partner) Dorcas.

I found decorating cookies on sticks was much harder than just doing regular cookies. Then there is still so much work AFTER you get them decorated. I'm thrilled with the outcome, but have to remind myself that it was a three day challenging project. ;-)

Here's the cookies before they were wrapped and put in the bouquet:

I love how these cupcakes came out. I didn't think they would be so appealing.

The balloons were fun and easy. :-)

Here's several shots of the bouquet in various light and closeness:

I took the bouquet over to Dorcas at 3 PM today. We are having a major snow storm and the roads were terrible. In the middle of the trip, I realized how crazy I was to take it to her.....but I wanted her to have it so bad. I knew we wouldn't be praying tomorrow (we pray together every Wednesday morning) since the schools will be closed again (she's a teacher) and she wouldn't be coming over to pray as usual.
Her response when she saw the bouquet was worth that crazy trip on the snowy, slippery roads. :-))))))))) Needless to say, she loved it.
I'm sure I'll be doing more bouquets, I just need some time to recover from this one. ;-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First 2009 Cookies's been a month since I posted last. I guess that's evidence of a very busy holiday season, having the flu with a couple weeks of recovery, and needing a break from decorating cookies after so many attempts in December. :-)

Yesterday I did a practice run of winter cookies I want to make for our choir retreat next week. It was fun to experiment and not worry about "perfect" cookies to give to others. And of course, my family loves my experiments......lots more for them to eat. hee hee (A couple of weeks ago, I baked cookies thinking I could decorate them after having had the flu the prior week. I woke up the next day still recovering and exhausted and knew there was NO way I could stand on my feet for hours and decorate cookies. Guess who got to eat 40+ plain cookies.......same said family. :-))))

I've been searching and searching for a better icing to pipe the ornamental stuff on top of the cookie. I think I've found it! It is called Sweet Annie's Cookie Icing and it is amazing to work with. I'm not fond of how hard royal icing gets.....this one's much softer, but still has that wonderful consistency of royal. I've posted the link for the recipe on the side bar.

I used the "hair/grass" tip to make the cool pom-poms and fringe on the hats and mittens. That was my favorite part. They look so real and 3D. :-)))) I'm finally in the decorating groove for 2009. Happy New Year everyone!
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