Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheery Flowers

I made some cookies for someone who needs some cheering up. It was kind of fun to get out spring time colors after doing so many burnt oranges, browns and golds lately. :-)

Sadly, the photos don't show the purples. They look more like blues.....but they are still cheery, just the same.

Here are some random flowers.

Then some daisy-type flowers. I like this simple shape because it is much less break-able than the ones above (better for mailing), but they seem a little plain this way.

I love these little cuties! They are 2" cookies beaming with happiness. :-)

Of course I made some quilts with all the bright colors. :-))))))

And then some quilted flowers too. lol

And finally, Maryann inspired me with her bundle of sunflowers. I changed it up with an assortment of flowers and colors. Boy, I love these (but they sure did take along time to make them!)

Here's a close up....

Next week I'll be back to the burnt oranges, browns, and golds to make lots of thanksgiving cookies. Hope you enjoyed the change of seasons. lol


Soph said...

OH MY GOODNESS! How gorgeous!!!!!!
They look absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to me!!
I would have to spend a week looking at how you get the "quilted look" on them :-)

bob said...

I must ask, how are you doing the quilting method?

Bea said...

Love them all, Pam!!! All the tiny details are great... That bundle of flowers is amazing... can you share where you got the cutter?

cookies and cups said...

WOW! Those bundles are fantastic! I bet they did take you a long time!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Awwww......thanks Soph. That is so nice of you. You could do it too, it just takes some practice.

Bob.....I make "walls" with black icing to divide "quilt squares" on the cookie. I fill in all the squares with colors and then add dots or plaid using the wet-on-wet method. Once the icing is dry, I add "stitches" around the blocks with a food color marker (I use the Food Doodler markers). I hope this answers your question.

Bea,thank you so much. You are always so kind. :-) No cutter used....I hand cut the bundle of flowers.

CookieCrazieLady said...

Cookies and cups.....yep, they took a very long time....but so worth putting a smile on my friend's face. :-)))))

Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Hey Pam! Everyone of them is just beautiful!! Love the bundles of flowers..amazing!! Thank you for the change of seasons!!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Laurie. :-) Glad to add a little spring into your fall.

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