Friday, October 9, 2009

I love Fall!

It's been raining like crazy here in Missouri for the last two days......and boy has the air gotten nippy. It feels and smells like fall every time I go outside. I love it!

How fitting that I decorated harvest cookies yesterday to take to a missions conference tonight at church and send with family members to a family reunion this weekend in Mississippi. :-)

If you've seen my last few sets of cookies, you know I'm going through a "plaid phase". I even had plaid on the tops of my acorns. =)

Pretty yellow oak leaves.....'s hard to come up with something new for this shape, so I stuck with the tradition decor.

And you guessed it.....plaid on maple leaves. I love them so much!!!

Here's my fun candy corns. Sandie's version inspired me.

Sunflowers.......such a happy flower. :-)

Here was my big experiment......scarecrows. I found a graphic and tried to copy it. Oh was a bit harder than I thought it would be.....but my teens tell me they look like scarecrows, so that's good enough for me.

The ears of corn were a pleasant surprise. I didn't know if I could get the kernels to look right. I'm pretty happy with these.

And of course, I had to do fall quilts. Boy.....I love doing these so much. (I can't until Christmas!)

Here's my favorite fall quilts.

And as's the whole assortment together.

I'm sure I'll be doing fall cookies again. Can't wait.....


Bea said...

These cookies are wonderful Pam!!! I love the corn... such great detail!!!

Thanks for sharing it


PatinTenn said...


You are always amazing me !! I love your cookies. I hae got to try to make some. I know that they won't look like yours but I can try, lol...

We are having the rain also. But I welcome the fall temps .

Take care,
Pat ( your friend in Tenn)

Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Hi Pam!! These are just beautiful cookies!! You are so inspiring!! Happy Fall to your and your family! Laurie

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Bea, Pat, and Laurie. :-)

Bea....the corn is one of my favs too.

Pat.....give it a try. It is just TOO much fun. :-)

Laurie....I'm so glad I can inspire. It's hard to believe that something you really love to do can help others, but what a blessing.

Bea said...

Hi Pam! I LOVE your fall COOKIES!! the quilts are my favs :) I NEED an acorn cutter (which of course I can't find in Cancun) for this week... I'm afraid I'll have to do one or use a template :(

Lauren said...

Thanks for sending some cookies to family reunion! They were beautiful and delicious, too! I even got some pictures of us enjoying them:

Missed you and Neil and Allison!

claudia said...

ws are perfect, but the cookie I love more is the corn!
kernels are so beautiful!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Bea. I wish I could send you an acorn cutter in time. I have a set of three. But I don't think an acorn would be too hard with a template.....fairly simple design.

Lauren, it was my pleasure to send the cookies. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for taking the pics. I loved seeing James and Eliza enjoying them. :-))))

Thanks so much, Claudia. I love the corn too. I had no idea it would turn out looking like it did. I was pleasantly surprised. :-)

mishlove said...

Pam, Love Love the cookies.
1 question, can you explain how you do the marbaling effect on the fall leaves.

Thank so much


CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Michele. :-)

Use a toothpick to pull two or more colors through the icing to get that marbled look.

mishlove said...

Pam, Love Love the cookies.
1 question, can you explain how you do the marbaling effect on the fall leaves.

Thank so much


the plaid cookie said...

As usual, these are awesome.  And you should be happy with the looks enough like the real thing to get the butter and salt out for.  Love it

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