Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Sixteen!

My "baby" daughter, Allison, turned 16 on Monday. Oh boy.....look out driving world, here she comes. lol

I had a blast decorating cookies for her yesterday. The only down side was I just started wearing a regular shoe on Wednesday (after going to the doctor and getting the pin out of my toe) and I'm still getting use to walking on a rather painful foot again. Needless to say, my foot was not very happy with me by the time I finished last night. :-(

On a brighter note, we had fun in the kitchen this week to celebrate the big birthday. Jill and I made Allison cupcakes to celebrate on Monday......then I made her cookies yesterday for her party tonight.

Here's my sweet Allison and the cupcakes we made her..... (note....I've never formally decorated cupcakes before, so don't expect much.)

For the cookies, I went with pink and black (rather than pink/brown like on the cuppies). I added an electric green to the mix just to keep it from being boring. ;-)

I've done lots of balloons, but I'm always trying to perfect each design. I love the simplicity of these.

I got a new balloon cutter last week and tried it out too. It's 50% larger than the other one and is supposed to be a bit lopsided looking......but I'm not very fond of it so far. Maybe I'll skip the black outline next time.

Here's some experiments with the fluted round cutter. The "flower" tie-dye looking one was a surprise. I'll be trying that one again. The monogram one didn't exactly turn's a bit busy and the "A" blends in. I've got some ideas for the next time....... And Callye, you'll notice that I DID try writing on a cookie this go around. You told me to just write whether i liked it or not, so here I am......but I'm still not liking how my writing turns out on a cookie. :-)

Cuppies! I tried some different designs and like their whimsical look.

Allison wanted VW bug cars.....her dream car. lol These little guys are so photogenic. I love playing around while taking their photos.

And then, my favorite cookie of all. These 16 cookies turned out so fun! I had a blast decorating each one unique. Allison's favorite is the one on the top far left. My favorite are the two in the middle.

Here's some of the better designs.....

These two are my favorite. They turned out the way I dreamed in my head. ;-)

Here's a fun assortment pic.

Next week I have a baby shower order, so I should be back at the end of next week. I'm going to rest my foot this weekend and hope that things improve. Since I have to return to work in EIGHT days (YIKES!)....I sure hope they improve.


Kris said...

Gorgeous! Take it easy on that foot!!

Mini Baker said...

you are sooo talented at cookies! the cupcake cookies are my favorite, can I have just one PLEASE?!! :)
-Mini Baker

Cake Believe said...

Just lovely! I think my favs are the same as yours on the Sweet 16's. Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

Beautiful, beautiful. I love the colors and the arrangement. Your daughter is very lucky!

Alicia said...

So cute!Really!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments.

MiniBaker....I would love to share. We still have some left in the kitchen if you want to stop by. :)

My daughter was thrilled. She was beaming last night when she was showing them off to her friends. I was so happy because I was able to give her something that was unique and made with pure love (and lots of sugar!).

Shondra said...

They are all eye catching cookies, great job.

Pastry Ann said...

They look beautiful !!!! I like the colors you used.


CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Shondra and Pastry Ann. :-)

cookies and cups said...

Very cute! Love the "sweet" in the middle of the "16". Great job!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks cookies and cups. It was one of those inspirations that came to me while I was recovering. My teens are always saying "Swwwweeeeet!" so it made perfect since. :-)

Me and My Pink Mixer said...

Your cookies are fabulous! I love the bright colors. My daughter turns 16 in December....I would love to try to make the Sweet 16 cookies for her. What type of cookie cutter do you use?

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Me and My Pink Mixer. :-)

I hand cut the sixteen cookie. I printed out a large sixteen and cut around it. Then made a clear plastic template that I set over the chilled cookie dough to cut it out.

Happy Baking!

SugarBelle's said...

Another set I just cannot get over. I am amazed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the monogram cookie you don't love. You just had me looking back through Flickr, wondering how I missed them! They are AWESOME! and the flower cookie with it, one of the coolest cookies I have seen in a while!!!

I liked your cuppies! (the real ones) I made some this weekend that weren't very pretty. But they sure tasted good.

Tell miss Allison hello and nice to meet her. Meanwhile I willbe attacking your Flicker page for the tidbits I missed!

BTW, the writing is great! I get the most compliments on the ones I flubbed them worked on to make look like I had done them that way on purpose, LOL!

Kathy Dvorski Cakes said...

Lovely cookies! Colours are stunning and so vibrant! Good job.

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks for always encouraging me, Callye. You are one of my dearest cookie friends. :-)

The cupcakes we made tasted awesome too. The looks were a little shabby.....but oh that buttercream tasted so delicious!

I just keep writing and let it be.....with one long messages. lol

Thanks so much, Kathy, for your kind comments.

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