Friday, May 29, 2009

Trial and Practice

It feels like it has been so long since I've posted anything.....and yet it has only been three days. Silly me. I guess it is because my last three days have been action packed. Thankfully a little of that time was filled with cookies. :-)

Here's the golf cookie bouquet I told you about. The golf tournament to benefit Gambia missions was held today.....a BEAUTIFUL sunny day. I'm anxious to hear how well the turnout was and how well they did on the silent auction.

Every month I'll be making birthday cookies for our church's preschool department's birthdays. I've done these cuppie cookies several times, but this time I did a few different colors. If you haven't figured it out yet, I LOVE lots of color. ;-)

My own daughter, Allison, "ordered" some girly cookies for friends. Here's some of the shoes. I let her dictate what she wanted on them......although I limited her to red and black since those were the colors I already had for other cookies. Allison could easily be a shoe-aholic, so these cookies are very fitting for her. lol

Finally, I took on a cookie challenge offered by Sweet Treats (a fun Flickr group I'm in) and ran with their theme of CIRCUS cookies this month. I can't show you the cookie that I entered in the contest (yet!), but here's the "rejects". (Oh.....and if you go on the Sweet Treats site, scroll down and you'll see who won "Best of Cookies" for last week. With all the talent in that is hard to fathom that they'd even consider me.)

I like how the car turned out on this one......but not the clown. I found out clowns are really hard. : /

Here's my "big top" tent. I think it needs something written on the black part.....but as bad as I am at writing things on the cookie, I didn't want to mess it up. ;-)

I thought this popcorn box turned out the best of all my circus cookies, but it didn't seem "circus-y" enough for the contest, so I went with a different design. Now that I've sent my "second choice" in.....I'm having second thoughts.....but it is too late now. Oh's just a little cookie contest. Fun stuff. I certainly shouldn't stress over it.

There's been a great response to the cookie cutter give-away. So far I see 54 entries......although there are still a couple on the list that have not listed their email address. Just so you've been told very clearly, if you don't have your first name and an email address in a comment on that post, you will not be eligible to win. It may seem harsh, but I don't think we're asking too much.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments as you've signed up for the contest. I've refrained from responding to anyone there to keep that list holding only the entries. Please know that I've read everyone and am grateful for all you've said. If you posted anything that needs a response, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

Have a great weekend......


Cirri said...

Amazing cookies! Love them all!

Bea said...

Love the cuppies... I'd love to participate in those challenges to talk about... please tell me more and how can I join you in all the fun! :)

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Cirri and Bea.

Yes, Bea, you can participate. The only thing is you need a Flickr site. They are free......but you have to sign up and download your pics there.

Just go to to sign up. Once you're signed up, you can look me up.... and Sweet Treats: Look for their post called: Sweet Treats Challenge 3: New Official Sign-up. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Have fun!

Carla said...

Hello!!! I love golf cookies! They are great!
Thank you for sharing!
Best regards,


CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Carla. My pleasure to share. :-)

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