Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Golf Anyone?

Just for the record.....I'm not a sports person at all. But in the cookie world, I have to step out of my "comfort zone" and cater to others. I'm finding that going outside of the "Pam Box" can be very fun and rewarding. :-)

Our church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, is hosting a golf tournament this Friday to benefit a mission effort we've started in the Gambia, Africa. I offered some cookie bouquets for the silent auction. I'm making a pre-made one for that day (so people can know what a cookie bouquet looks like......believe it or not, some have no idea what it is.....) and then offering two bouquets of their choice for the future. I'm going to put together a scrap book of my cookie photos so that they can get idea of what is available. Fun stuff.

So I thought for the pre-made bouquet I'd do a golf theme......kind of a no-brainer, ya know? I've save some great ideas over time and took off yesterday into the golf cookie world. ;-)

A golf hole scene with a trailing ball. hee hee

Here's some golf balls in the grass. These babies are a huge.......4"......so not your typical golf ball. ;-)

My golf shirt cookie was inspired by Cookie Cutter Creations here.

These golf bags with clubs were inspired by A Dozen Eggs blog.

These golf carts I did after looking at a cute graphic. I added the little golf scene in the back for good measure. :-)

Here's all of them together. I can hardly wait to put the bouquet together. :-))))))))

Wow.....the give-away sign up is going strong. Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments. I'm honored that you would find inspiration and joy from the blog. (Crissy.....I'm considering changing my tag line. :-))

I wish you ALL could win......but I don't think Karen is quite equipped for such a give-away. ;-)

More to come in just a little bit......


Bea said...

Wow, Pam! Your Golf COOKIES are sooo cool, you did a great job all of them, I love the little cart with the background... Do you ever sleep? I'm so glad you are going out of your comfort zone and let people know you and your amazing work... you are a hit!!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Bea.

Yes....I do sleep....although it has been less lately. ;-)

I appreciate all your kind words, dear one.

Anonymous said...

All your cookies are amazing, your edges so thick and crisp! I'd like to see some pictures of your finished bouquets or how you wrap/package them. The golf cookies are just so cute, I wish I knew someone to make some for. I linked here from cakecentral:)

Crissy said...

LOL I see you changed it =)
awesome golf cookies and baby cookies...you're so talented!

Cirri said...

Wow Pam all you cookies look amazing,beautiful, and fun, very well done!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Yep, Crissy.......just for you. ;-) You're a sweet heart. Thank so much.

Thanks, Cirri. :-)

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