Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flower Repeats, Baseball, and Monkeys....what a combination!

This week I have five cookie orders.....and it is a very odd combination.

First off, here's a pic of the last Easter bouquet I made over the weekend.

Then.....here's some pics of repeaters. I've made all these before, but it amazing how many things I can find to improve on. I used two colors in my stain-glassed flowers and that really helped them "pop" more.

I don't know why......but I love these pastel stitched flowers so much. :-)

More ladybugs. I love em! A little girl asked me the other day if I'm going to make some with red and black dots. I told her I would in the summer. :-) (These pastel ones are just too fun for springtime.)

OK.....so here's where the weird combo comes in. I have a friend whose grandson turns one this week and she wanted a baseball cookie to tie as a favor on his present. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to do, so I used all four of my baseball related cutters. lol It was so fun!!! (Excuse the double pic......but I couldn't decide which angle I liked better.)

Next.....can you tell what these are?
I hope you said monkeys! I wasn't sure these turned out good enough. My family says they did.....but sometimes I think they are just trying to be nice.
Here's the party deco being used for the party:
And here's the teal and yellow circles I made. The teal color is not the best on my pic.....but I believe they match much better in person.
It's kind of scary to make something for the first time for an cookie order. I'll try my best.....but my best isn't always good enough, ya know?!
OK.....now you can't ever say you haven't seen flowers, baseball, and monkey cookies all at the same time. ;-)


Bea said...

Pam, I love your COOKIES... that shaded color edging the white flowers is beautiful... and I love all your scallopped COOKIE cutters...

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks dear Bea. You are always so kind. :-) Many blessings to you.

cjnash06 said...

I LOVE the monkey cookies! They are perfect. Liza is going to love them at her birthday party!! You are so awesome, thanks again for trying something new for me. You are the greatest!
God bless you and every cookie you make.

CookieCrazieLady said...

Awwww, CJ, you're the best! I'm so glad you like them and I pray that Liza has an awesome birthday. :-)

claudia said...

monkey cookies are great!
everytime you give me new ideas and inputs!
this saturday I'll try my first attempt with icing...
Looking forward to it!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Claudia. I wish you much success with your cookie attempt. I'd love to see pics. :-)

Cuchufleta said...

Mmmmmm ... they all be to be very good, congratulation. Kisses

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thank you Cuchufleta. :-)

Cindy said...

Baseball cookies are phenomenal! The woodgrain looks so cool.

On your pastel stitched flowers, do you do like a double outline and then flood with the white?

CookieCrazieLady said...

Thanks Cindy. :-)

The pastel stitched flowers have one outline of darker color, two lines of lighter color, and then filled with white.

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