Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Cookie Bouquet!

I attempted my first cookie bouquet today. Shewwww......it was a lot of work, but oh so fun! I wanted to do something special for my very dear friend (and prayer partner) Dorcas.

I found decorating cookies on sticks was much harder than just doing regular cookies. Then there is still so much work AFTER you get them decorated. I'm thrilled with the outcome, but have to remind myself that it was a three day challenging project. ;-)

Here's the cookies before they were wrapped and put in the bouquet:

I love how these cupcakes came out. I didn't think they would be so appealing.

The balloons were fun and easy. :-)

Here's several shots of the bouquet in various light and closeness:

I took the bouquet over to Dorcas at 3 PM today. We are having a major snow storm and the roads were terrible. In the middle of the trip, I realized how crazy I was to take it to her.....but I wanted her to have it so bad. I knew we wouldn't be praying tomorrow (we pray together every Wednesday morning) since the schools will be closed again (she's a teacher) and she wouldn't be coming over to pray as usual.
Her response when she saw the bouquet was priceless.....so worth that crazy trip on the snowy, slippery roads. :-))))))))) Needless to say, she loved it.
I'm sure I'll be doing more bouquets, I just need some time to recover from this one. ;-)


Bea said...

Congratulations on your 1st Cookie Bouquet! Your cookies look great, very detailed... keep up the good work and have a nice week :)

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