Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Third Time's a Charm? this is the THIRD time I've made autumn cookies. The first time was for Treat the Troops, the second for a bake sale, but this time, I made them to share with friends. :-) Each time I've made them, I've changed something. This time I used my shiny hard icing, but I used a new icing I found on made with part shortening/part butter to pipe deco on top.....and I added corn syrup to make it a little shiny. It turned out pretty good. I'm not sure the corn syrup made a difference. lol But the one frustrating part was that since both the butter and the shortening were yellow, it affected the colors I could make. And some didn't match the shiny hard colors. :-( Thus, I had LOTS of icing left over since I didn't use anything that didn't match well. (My son, Keith, wasn't too sad since he loves to put that icing on graham crackers. :-)) Oh well.....practice makes perfect, right?

I did my pumpkins a bit different and was able to make some cool green vines on them. :-) The red leaves looked good with the piped on veins. (It didn't work so well with the yellow ones.)

Once again, I dressed them all up in bags with cute "fall-ish" bows and put them in a basket.

Oh....and by the way, the cookies at the bake sale were a big hit. YEAH!

I might end up making fall cookies one more time in November. Who knows.....but I sure do love making them....especially to share.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bake Sale!

I made fall cookies this week for our church's youth group bake sale tomorrow. I used my favorite shiny hard these cookies will taste the best. (I like to work with Royal Icing, but I don't like how it makes the cookies have a crunchy top. I want them to be soft all the way through.)

I tried to use a thicker version of the shiny hard icing to add embellishments, but it didn't work very well. It wanted to blend in. But oh have to experiment to find out what works, right?

I wrapped them up in bags with pretty bows and then put them in a basket. It's all in the presentation as they say......

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Cookies for Treat the Troops

I participated in our church's involvement with Treat the Troops. (Check them out at: ) Every month we all come together, having baked 5 dozen cookies for each soldier (some people bake cookies for two or three soldiers!) and package them up with other goodies like lip balm, water bottle drink mixes, candy, Bibles, reading material, toothpaste/brush, etc etc and send them to our troops in Iraq. What a satisfying way to spead some cheer with cookies. :-)

For October, we were challenged to make "fall-ish" or Halloween type cookies. I chose to make sugar cookies with royal icing (hoping they hold up on that long trip to Iraq!) of pumpkins, leaves, candy corn, and acorns. Fun fun! Oh I pray that they brighten a soldier's life and let them see how much we appreciate them and how much God is all around them.

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