Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gingerbread House :-)

My daughter, Allison, and I started a tradition with a good friend, Pam, to make gingerbread houses at the first of December. This was our second year.....and oh what fun it was.
I made some gingerbread men and decorated them so that we'd have some for our houses and also I could give away some as ornaments on my cookie mix jars I make for Christmas presents.
Here's a front view of the house. Notice the Jujubes around the roof. I attached them to black licorice making them look like a string of lights. :-))))
Side view:
Back yard complete with a candy cane/licorice fence and a snowman, care of Allison.
"Aerial" shot showing the pond made of melted jolly ranchers.
Is this little ginger the cutest surrounded by a gumball path?
Here's Pam's beautiful church complete with stained glass window panels in the font and on the sides. She always does such a nice job.
Merry Christmas!


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