Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Third Time's a Charm? this is the THIRD time I've made autumn cookies. The first time was for Treat the Troops, the second for a bake sale, but this time, I made them to share with friends. :-) Each time I've made them, I've changed something. This time I used my shiny hard icing, but I used a new icing I found on made with part shortening/part butter to pipe deco on top.....and I added corn syrup to make it a little shiny. It turned out pretty good. I'm not sure the corn syrup made a difference. lol But the one frustrating part was that since both the butter and the shortening were yellow, it affected the colors I could make. And some didn't match the shiny hard colors. :-( Thus, I had LOTS of icing left over since I didn't use anything that didn't match well. (My son, Keith, wasn't too sad since he loves to put that icing on graham crackers. :-)) Oh well.....practice makes perfect, right?

I did my pumpkins a bit different and was able to make some cool green vines on them. :-) The red leaves looked good with the piped on veins. (It didn't work so well with the yellow ones.)

Once again, I dressed them all up in bags with cute "fall-ish" bows and put them in a basket.

Oh....and by the way, the cookies at the bake sale were a big hit. YEAH!

I might end up making fall cookies one more time in November. Who knows.....but I sure do love making them....especially to share.

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