Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great Ideas does not always equal Great Results!

I had this great idea for the cookies I was to make cookies for the missionaries of our big mission conference last week at our church. Ha! I guess my mind is much more creative and refined than the actual cookies that came forth......these cookies didn't turn out quite like I thought they would. Our theme was "Passport to Missions" so I thought I'd make a large rectangle for the passport and then make mini-transportation cookies to depict all the modes we take to share the Gospel of Jesus to others.

Wwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll.......I ended up with this HUGE cookie and then made it even HUGE-ER :-) by globbing on mini cars, trains, planes, and boats. In the middle of decorating car after car after car and then train after train after train....... I was screaming in my mind, "What was I thinking?!!!" But nevertheless, I got them done (took me probably 10 hours over two days time) and delivered on time to a friend in charge of hospitality for the missionaries.

I learned a lot from this experience.......be careful with GRAND ideas and plans! lol

I took a picture of the first day's baking so you could visualize 24 large rectangles, 24 mini cars, 24 mini trains, 24 mini boats, and 24 mini planes. Get the picture? I truly am a CRAZIE cookie lady. ;-)

This pic says it all......look how huge and globby these look from a side view. :-)


Nikki said...

I think the results were fantastic, fun, and wonderful to look at! What an excellent idea!

CookieCrazieLady said...

Awww....how sweet of you to say so, Nikki. I guess they are not as bad as I portrayed them.....but you know how when you've got something pictured in your mind and then the real thing doesn't even begin to be the same? lol Oh well....they served they're purpose and the missionaries were thrilled to receive them. I couldn't ask for more. :-) Thanks Nikki for viewing my blog and posting.

Colleen said...

they are darling! and what a cute idea! I'm sure they were happy, excited ANd blessed to see them all! Great work!

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